Happy New Year Garland Cricut blue

Happy New Year!

This blog post has, quite literally, been a whole year in the making. For every day of 2018, I’ve been filming a 1 second clip of something I did… and it’s finally time to share the finished compilation!

This video charts my entire year, from the exciting to the mundane, the highs to the lows. It’s a visual diary of 2018 from my perspective – something I can keep forever, and look back on when I’m an old man. πŸ™‚

There have been some crazy highlights for me this year. From teaching at the Handmade Fair with Kirstie Allsopp, to flying across the world to talk at the Cricut Make-A-Thon. I’ve hiked through National Parks in Utah and sampled port in Portugal. I’ve watched my friends get married and met my first nephew, Noah. But, of course, 2018 also had some challenging times too. This video tracks it all. Fancy a watch? Here it is…

1 Second A Day 2018

I also did the same 1 Second A Day challenge in 2016 if you fancy watching that, too. It’s amazing how much I’ve changed since then! I’ve moved house, moved job, grown my business and changed my lifestyle quite significantly.

What about you? Did you set yourself any challenges or goals for the year? I would really love to hear about them! Or do you think you’ll try the 1 Second A Day challenge yourself? Let me know in the comments. πŸ™‚ – Mike