DIY Easter decoration: make an Easter basket nest from rope
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DIY Easter decorations: make a nest from rope

Is anyone else noticing that the slightly smaller seasons like Easter and Halloween seem to be getting bigger and bigger each year? They’re fast approaching Christmas-scale proportions! Take Easter for example: the other day, I actually saw Easter greetings cards…! What’s happening to the world?! Now, I don’t think I’m quite ready for Easter greetings cards just yet, but one thing I can get on board with is DIY Easter decorations. After all, Easter is typically a time when families…

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DIY Copper Desk Tidy tutorial
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Make a DIY copper pipe desk tidy!

News flash: I’m a clean freak! I love tidiness. Yep, that probably makes me a bit of a loser – but it’s like my brain just won’t function when my work space is a mess. Surely I’m not alone on this… right?! Anyway, this love of tidiness has made me develop a bit of an obsession with decorative ways to keep things spick and span. I’ve already shared a few DIY projects ​on this theme (like my DIY pegboard and…

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DIY geometric candle holder
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DIY geometric candle holder from plaster of Paris

I’ve been wanting to try out plaster of Paris in a DIY project for aaages …the time has finally arrived! I’m an absolute sucker for new craft techniques, so I’m pretty giddy about sharing this project. Yep, I’m getting giddy about plaster of Paris. But when you see how easy it is to whip up a few of these, you’ll understand why! So let’s get right to it, shall we? Here’s how you can make your very own plaster of…

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DIY Christmas tweed wreath
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How to make a DIY tweed Christmas wreath

One of my favourite parts of the holiday season has gotta be Christmas crafting! Seriously, you can’t beat an afternoon spent surrounded by festive paper, scissors and glue, listening to Christmas tunes and drinking endless cups of tea. Sounds good, right?! So when the guys at Turtle Mat contacted me recently and asked me to take part in their Christmas crafts challenge, I jumped on the opportunity! They challenged me to create a Christmas wreath, which is something which I’ve…

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DIY Dinosaur Planter: Plantosaur
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Make a DIY Dinosaur Planter (aka a Plantosaur!)

When I was a child, I vividly remember having a fascination with dinosaurs – I was part of the generation who grew up with the Jurassic Park films, so this is probably nothing unusual! I remember being so obsessed, that my parents bought me a massive toy pterodactyl. It was my absolute prize possession; I took it everywhere. Unfortunately, adult life has now taken over and it’s deemed a little odd to fly around the house with a pretend dinosaur… but…

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