About: The Crafty Gentleman

Hello! I’m Mike Aspinall, a full-time Digital Marketing Manager and obsessed DIY’er. I passionately believe that crafting is not just for women! So I set up this blog to encourage more men to into the world of crafts. I post original DIY & craft projects, recipes, tips and crafty inspiration, and I also regularly feature other male makers and small business owners. I was recently named as the 5th most popular UK DIY blogger, based on an independent analysis by Feedspot.

I absolutely love working on my blog; it’s as much of a passion project as it is a side-business (which blogs should be, right?). Through my blog, I’ve been lucky enough to be chosen as the UK Singer Sewing Brand Ambassador, appear on national television alongside Kirstie Allsopp and have my story printed onto Innocent smoothie bottles. I’ve been interviewed live on BBC radio, been featured on many influential websites and collaborated with loads of awesome brands and bloggers.

Above all, what I love is making things! So join me on my crafty adventures, as I explore new techniques, meet other makers and share my inspirations with you. I can’t wait to have you on board. 🙂 Happy crafting! – Mike.

P.S. Read more about my blogging story, here!

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