Here you’ll find needlecraft projects and inspiration, from mens knitting patterns to DIY gifts and accessories.
I’ve been fascinated by the craft of knitting ever since picking up my first set of needles. I started out by teaching myself the basics (with a bit of help from my mum!). I then moved on to designing my own knitting patterns for men. I’ve since been featured on Innocent Smoothie cartons as part of their Big Knit campaign and have had one of my projects published in Homespun magazine.
Scroll down to explore all of my mens knitting patterns and projects. Hopefully you’ll find a project you love! Whether it be for yourself, or a gift.

Knitted cafetiere cosy pattern
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Knitted cafetiere cosy with striped pattern

You can’t beat a good coffee, right? I’m a bit particular about mine… I use fresh coffee beans, which I grind in my own coffee grinder and measure out with a specific spoon. I then brew them carefully in my, with water just off the boil, for about 4 minutes. A quick stir, plunge and pour. SO GOOD. But you know the one thing that I can’t quite manage? Keeping the coffee warm! Seriously, it’s gone lukewarm within 5 minutes…

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Handmade leather knitting needle holder
in DIY + Crafts, Knitting, Leather

Try this: DIY leather knitting needle holder

Last year, I taught myself how to knit. Yep, guys can knit too! (I even did a load of research into the surprisingly manly history of knitting – check it out here!). Anyway, after nailing the basic concepts of knitting and completing a couple of projects, I kinda lost momentum and stopped. But I’m happy to say that I’ve picked up my needles and yarn again and I’m back to it! Now, as much as I enjoy knitting, I am…

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7 surprising things about knitting
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7 surprising things I’ve learnt about knitting

Regular readers will know that I’ve recently started teaching myself how to knit. It’s going well so far! I’m now pretty confident at the basics, so I thought I’d share some purls of wisdom (knitting joke there… I do apologise) I’ve picked up along the way – hopefully this will be a handy read for any fellow knitting newbies… 1. Knitting is surprisingly brutal. When I began, I got blisters on my fingertips from pushing the pointy end of the…

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Basket weave knitted cushion
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A new challenge: the results

A few weeks back, I told the story of my first ever attempt at knitting (read it in this post). Well, I reached a bit of a crafting landmark today… I completed my first ever knitting project! I made a basic cushion cover, with a simple knit pattern on the back and a more complex basket weave design on the front. I used a speckled beige wool, finished off with a bright blue tweed covered button. What do you think?…

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Learning to knit
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A new challenge: learn to knit

In a recent interview with the awesome Confessions of a Refashionista, I mentioned that I’ve challenged myself to make a knitwear jumper from scratch. This might not sound too impressive, but let me clarify: I’ve never knitted before in my life. Not even close. I’m a badass with an ordinary needle and thread, or a sewing machine (yes, I said badass). But knitting? No no no, I’m a complete rookie. To be totally honest, to learn to knit has never…

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