1 second of video a day 2016 challenge

I can’t quite believe it, but this blog post has been a whole YEAR in the making! I feel like it needs a drumroll! Ah what the heck… *taps on desk to mimic drumroll*…

I’m finally able to share my 1 second a day video with you!

For those that aren’t aware, let’s cast our mind waaay back at the start of 2016. I set myself the challenge of recording 1 second of video footage every single day for a whole year. The idea was to create a kind of video postcard of the year; a special memento to capture the highs and lows; everything from the big events and the mundane day-to-day.

The reason behind the challenge was simple: I wanted to push my video skills and creativity with a camera.

Right, are you ready to see the final video?! Of course you are!! Here goes…

It’s SO nice to watch my 1 second a day video back! A full year of memories, condensed into 6 minutes.

Because I was always (literally every day!) looking for a 1 second video opportunity, the challenge really forced me to reassess how I see the things around me. It has genuinely given me a new appreciation for the every day. Even simple things like making a cup of coffee or walking to the shops soon became an event to be documented. It’s cheesy, but I started to see art in everything. I found myself crouching to the floor or filming from up high, in order to gain a whole new perspective on my everyday surroundings.

Furthermore, I started noticing the little moments that make each day different. Seeing the sunlight bounce off a window… serving up a tasty-looking meal… even noticing a bird waddle along as I walk down the street! These little moments would otherwise have passed me by, had I not been on the lookout for video opportunities.

I honestly can’t recommend enough that you give it a go yourself – it’s so fun, and definitely worth the effort! – Mike.