The 7 things I never travel without | Travel Essentials 2018

There’s nothing I love more than a good city break. Sauntering down unknown streets, camera in one hand, local guidebook in the other. Bliss! I’m lucky enough to go on foreign city breaks a couple of times a year. You can see some of my recent travel vlogs here.

Over the years, I’ve come to realise that there are a handful of items that I consistently reach to when I’m packing my suitcase. From city breaks to country retreats, these are the items that I rely on most heavily when I travel. They’re true holiday essentials, in that I literally never travel without them. Hopefully this list will help you out if you’re not sure what to pack for your summer travels!

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7 holiday essentials I NEVER travel without…

The 7 things I never travel without | Travel Essentials 2018 | Fjallraven Kanken backpack

Fjällräven Kånken backpack

My Kånken is the best backpack I’ve ever owned. I bloody love it! In fact, I rarely leave home without it – and I take it with me whenever I’m travelling. Mine has been with me on trips around San Francisco, Berlin, Iceland, Toronto, Bruges, Paris, Lisbon, London, Glasgow, Belfast, Portsmouth…

What makes it so much better than other bags? Well for starters, these guys are built to last. They’re exceptionally well-made: hard-wearing, waterproof and sturdy. Also, have you seen it?! It’s the pinnacle of cool, down-played Scandi design.

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The 7 things I never travel without | Travel Essentials 2018 | Keep Cup

Keep Cup reusable coffee mug

When travelling, it’s pretty difficult to avoid plastic waste and be eco-friendly. One of the main culprits for avoidable waste are single-use plastic drinks containers. Even if you have just one coffee and a few bottles of water a day, it can add up to a lot of waste over the course of a long weekend or so.

This is why I always take my reusable coffee cup with me, whenever I travel or head into the city. I love the grey/cork design of my KeepCup, too.

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CamelBak reusable glass water bottle

Similar to the reusable coffee cup above, I also carry a glass water bottle with me pretty much everywhere. It’s really important to stay hydrated when travelling – but plastic water bottles are a huge environmental issue. This reusable CamelBak bottle is the perfect solution. (Plus, if you fill it up at your hotel or a cafe, you’ll save money too!).

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The 7 things I never travel without | Travel Essentials 2018 | Earphones

Good quality earphones

A decent pair of earphones is usually a guaranteed way to save your sanity on a long journey. I take mine with me whenever I catch a plane or train. I use them to listen to podcasts and Spotify, and they even double as earplugs if you want to catch a bit of rest!

I think my current wooden earphones are on their last legs (sad times!), but I was reading this roundup of the best new earphones for 2018. I’m loving the look of the MXditect pair!

The 7 things I never travel without | Travel Essentials 2018 | Fujifilm XT20

Fujifilm X-T20 mirrorless camera

For a long time, I used to use my Canon DSLR as my travel camera. However, it kinda bugged me how bulky it is to carry around for the whole day. That’s why I recently bought myself a Fujifilm X-T20, which is significantly smaller and lighter, without compromising on quality. So much better for travelling!

My Fujifilm recently had it’s first outing when I visited Lisbon (I even used it to film a travel vlog!). Have a look at the shots I got, here.

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A compact travel notebook

I’m the kind of person who is always making lists and taking notes. This is especially true of when I travel. Sure, I could use the notes function of my iPhone… but I prefer the old-skool way of simple pencil and paper! With this in mind, I always pack a mini notebook and pencil to carry in my pocket or backpack. You never know when you’re gonna be hit with a new idea, that needs to be jotted down pronto!

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The 7 things I never travel without | Travel Essentials 2018 | DK Travel Guide

DK Top 10 guidebooks

This might be the worst-kept secret of holidays, but a good guidebook is a travel essential. I’ve used a few over the years, but the ones I ALWAYS find the best are the DK Top 10 series. Seriously, they’re the only guidebook you’ll need. They break down all of the top attractions (including key sights, bars, restaurants, hotels, neighbourhoods etc) into easily-digestible lists of top 10. Easy. No faffing. You can’t go wrong with one of these in your suitcase.

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The 7 things I never travel without | Travel Essentials 2018