Tips on how to draw
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Simple tips on how to draw (and digitise your sketches)

Not many people know this about me, but I love drawing. I practically spent my whole childhood churning out drawing after drawing; anything from dinosaurs and monsters, to animals and buildings. I even remember a few cringe-worthy attempts at a self portrait (!). I still have most of my drawings stored somewhere in the depths of my Mum’s loft – it’s nice having a look through them from time to time. Sadly, as I’ve grown up and the responsibilities of adult…

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Masson Cotton Mill
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Masson Mills and the history of cotton

This weekend, I took a drive into the rolling hills of Derbyshire to visit the Masson Mills, a cotton mill built way back in 1783. Incredibly, it’s still in working order! It’s amazing. Clearly I’m a crafting geek, so I was really excited to see the cotton fabrics being woven in the traditional methods on original 18th century machines. I was not disappointed! A very friendly gentleman offered us a tour around the mills. He’s been working there for years, so…

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Leather and tweed DIY travel documents holder
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Leather & Tweed Travel Documents Holder

Salt and pepper, Batman and Robin, movies and popcorn; classic pairings that just work. Well, I’ve got a new one to add to the list: leather and tweed! I’m a HUGE fan of tweed, I just love the classic touch it can add to a project. I’ve also been doing a lot of leather craft lately – and it’s fast becoming one of my favourite materials to work with. So, it was only a matter of time before I brought…

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7 surprising things about knitting
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7 surprising things I’ve learnt about knitting

Regular readers will know that I’ve recently started teaching myself how to knit. It’s going well so far! I’m now pretty confident at the basics, so I thought I’d share some purls of wisdom (knitting joke there… I do apologise) I’ve picked up along the way – hopefully this will be a handy read for any fellow knitting newbies… 1. Knitting is surprisingly brutal. When I began, I got blisters on my fingertips from pushing the pointy end of the…

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DIY leather cable organiser
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Try this: DIY leather cable organiser

As a blogger, I’m constantly juggling between my laptop, iPad, camera and phone. I’m sure most of you reading this are the same! It’s great to have such a wealth of technology so readily available, but I’ve got to admit that all the chargers and cables that are involved do drive me a bit bananas. My phone charger, laptop cable, earphones, camera charger… we are living in the age of cables! I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in having faced…

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Cut Out + Keep founders, Cat Morley and Tom Waddington
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Crafty Superstar!

Exciting news! A few months ago, I was contacted by the guys at the uber popular Cut Out + Keep and asked to be one of their featured “Crafty Superstars”. I’ve actually worked with Cat and Tom (founders of Cut Out + Keep) before, when they published their awesome travel/craft book – so I’m excited to do another blog collab with them! Keep an eye on the Cut Out + Keep site over the next 7 days; there will be…

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DIY moss covered Easter egg
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Last minute Easter and Spring DIY ideas

Okay, so Easter is this weekend. How did that happen, wasn’t it January last week?! If you’re a bit like me and the spring has taken you by surprise, check out these DIYs – all of which can be completed in a weekend. I’m particularly loving the moss covered egg. Happy Easter! Find the projects here: Egg shell candle | Moss covered egg | Spring photographs garland | Easter nest napkin rings | Hot cross buns with dried fruit and cardamom  …

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DIY Notebook Covers
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DIY Discoveries: notebooks

As a craft blogger, my head is often bursting with new stuff I want to make! I therefore rely heavily on an endless supply of notebooks to scribble my thoughts down.   With this in mind, here are some of my favourite DIY notebooks that I’ve seen across the web lately (because the best kind of notebook is a handmade notebook!). Find the tutorials here: Embroidered Notebook by Curious and Catcat | Leather Sketchbook by The Merry Thought | Simple Paper Notebook Covers by FellowFellow | DIY Customised Leather…

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