My San Francisco travel journal

Hi guys! I’m writing just a quick blog today, to let you all in on some exciting news… I’m going to San Francisco tomorrow! A whole 8 days holidaying in California: seeing the sights, eating far too much food, and taking zillions of photos. I am so excited! I’ll try my best to share updates over on my Instagram Stories – so make sure to follow me, if you’re not already.

Also, Gareth and I have decided to do something a little different for this trip… we’re going to make a scrapbook as we go along! We’ve bought a blank scrapbook to take out with us each day, along with a glue stick, scissors and some stickers. I made the letters for the front cover and all of the stickers you can see in the photos migraine with my Cricut. We’re going to write little notes and stories as we go, and stick in our tickets and photos (I have a mini Polaroid mobile printer that works via Bluetooth – so we can print as we go!). I love the idea that we’ll be collecting and documenting the memories as we go. Sure, it’ll be a little scruffy and imperfect… but I think that’ll make it so much more special to look back on in years to come. Of course, I will share a look through the finished scrapbook when we get back home!

Right, that’s all from me – see you guys in a week or so! 🙂 – Mike.

My San Francisco travel journal My San Francisco travel journal My San Francisco travel journal