Trimcraft bloggers day 2017 Christmas Trimcraft bloggers day 2017 ChristmasAhh, it’s that time of year already. Christmas trees, mince pies, gifts from Santa… hold up, what do you mean it’s only August?!

No, I’m not crazy

I might be getting into the festive spirit a little early, but it’s all in the name of craft! Last weekend, I spent the day at the Trimcraft offices in Nottingham to see a special preview of their 2017 Christmas ranges. Yep, a day full of Christmas crafts. It was awesome.

The team really went all out to get the place looking festive. There was a fully decked Christmas tree, covered in lights and baubles. There were snowflakes hanging from the ceiling, and pictures all over the walls. Props were scattered around, especially around the dedicated “selfie zone”. Everyone was wearing fancy dress, and there was themed food and drink… there was even a full-size fireplace made from felt! It really did feel like December!

Trimcraft bloggers day 2017 Christmas

Let the crafting commence…

The day kicked off with some hot chocolate and networking. I recognised most of the faces from the first Trimcraft bloggers day back in February, so it was great to catch up with everyone again and see how they were getting on.

Shortly after arriving, we were taken through to the “Snow Room” (a.k.a. the festive version of their Show Room!) and were given a polystyrene wreath, along with all the craft supplies you could possibly imagine. Then the crafting commenced! A mad scramble for papers and glue ensued, accompanied with the occasional squeal as someone found the exact colour they were after. But heck, that’s what you get when you put 30 crafters in a room full of paper-craft supplies!

Trimcraft bloggers day 2017 Christmas

One hour later, we left the Snow Room with an amazing array of hand-decorated wreaths. Seriously, the skill and variety on show just blew me away! I created a rustic wreath with a tweedy tartan-y type paper (from a new Christmas range) and some origami stars. What do you think? (Side note: you can learn how to make your own Origami stars in my YouTube video tutorial, here!).

Trimcraft bloggers day 2017 Christmas

Crafts, crafts and more crafts!

After our much-deserved lunch break (not gonna lie, I was totally ready for some food after all the morning’s crafting!), we were straight back into the Snow Room for more making! The As always, the Trimcraft team did an amazing job at setting some craft challenges for us. As well as felt wreaths and paper crackers, we also made lots of Christmas cards that will be donated to charity. How cool is that?! Such a great way to make use of our creations. I only had time to make two cards, but I’d have happily kept crafting well into the evening! 🙂

Trimcraft bloggers day 2017 Christmas Trimcraft bloggers day 2017 Christmas Trimcraft bloggers day 2017 Christmas

In amongst all of the crafting fun, we had plenty of opportunities to snap some photos for Instagram. So, of course, I took full advantage of that! Me and Emma (from These Glittery Hands) went a bit crazy on Boomerang and had laughed waaaaay too much at the results… LOL. If you aren’t following me on Instagram, then 1) why the heck not?!, and 2) this is the kind of hilarity that you’re missing out on…
Trimcraft bloggers day 2017 Christmas gif1Trimcraft bloggers day Christmas 2017 gifTrimcraft bloggers day 2017 Christmas gif1

All good things must come to an end…

Sadly, the end of the day crept up on us way quicker than any of us would have liked. But we weren’t to leave empty handed! After saying our goodbyes, we were given what can only be described as a gigantic sack of craft goodies. Mine was filled with all manner of paper, card, Washi tape, ribbon, buttons, embellishments… It seriously was like Christmas had come early!

A huuuuge great big thanks to all the team at Trimcraft. They’re such a good bunch, and definitely know how to throw a good blogger event! 🙂

You can see more from Trimcraft over on their blog, The Craft Blog (there’s even a cheeky guest post from yours truly, see if you can find it!). If you’re in the market for scrapbooking or craft supplies, then you just gotta go check them out. Until next time! – Mike.

Trimcraft bloggers day 2017 Christmas Trimcraft bloggers day 2017 Christmas Trimcraft bloggers day 2017 Christmas