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4 days in Berlin, Germany (video)

You guys – have you ever been to Berlin? If not, you should defo check it out! It’ a bit of an odd city… in that there isn’t a huge amount of landmarks or specific stuff to actually do (especially compared to other European capitals like Paris, Rome, London etc). But it more than makes up for that with it’s bursting creative scene. If you hunt out the right areas, you’ll be rewarded with some of the coolest indie shops, hipster…

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Watch my 2016 “1 second a day” video!

I can’t quite believe it, but this blog post has been a whole YEAR in the making! I feel like it needs a drumroll! Ah what the heck… *taps on desk to mimic drumroll*… I’m finally able to share my 1 second a day video with you! For those that aren’t aware, let’s cast our mind waaay back at the start of 2016. I set myself the challenge of recording 1 second of video footage every single day for a…

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Origami star garland tutorial
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Make an origami star garland (video)

I’m just gonna go straight in and say it: I LOVE ORIGAMI. The Japanese art of paper-folding has had a real resurgence in previous years, to the extent that it’s now pretty ubiquitous in any crafter’s skill set. But this popularity certainly hasn’t watered down the appeal for me – I just think there’s something really satisfying about turning a plain, boring sheet of paper into an intricate work of art… just by folding it. Now, it probably goes without…

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Easy spiced toffee sauce recipe
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Easy spiced toffee sauce recipe (video)

Oh man, my sweet tooth is definitely coming out of hibernation. I’m not sure if it’s the Christmas ads, the cold weather or just pure old fashioned gluttony… but I’m loving the sweet treats lately! What’s more, since attending the School of Artisan Food the other month (read about that, here), I’ve been eager to try out a few variations on some of the skills I was taught. The time has finally come! Inspired by the spiced autumn flavours that…

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The Crafty Gentleman video with Heart Internet
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The Crafty Gentleman promo video

A few weeks back, I opened the doors of my flat to a videographer, photographer and interviewer. No, we’re not making some low-budget movie (although that would be cool)… they were there to record a video feature on me and The Crafty Gentleman! Pretty exciting, right?! The team were from my domain provider, Heart Internet (i.e. the guys who do all the techie stuff that makes my blog possible). They liked what I was doing with their services, so asked if they…

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