A Week in Salt Lake City, Utah A Week in Salt Lake City, Utah. Mormon Temple

Hopefully you guys saw my post last week, all about the Cricut Make-A-Thon conference? The super cool folks at Cricut flew me out for the event… but I decided to expand on the trip and turn it into a little holiday, too! Gotta make the most of that 9 hour transatlantic flight. ?

Gareth and I landed in Salt Lake three days before the conference, which gave us a good bit of time to explore the city. You guys, we loved it! From the Mormon temple and the State Capitol, to hipster bars and pop up galleries. We even ventured out to Antelope Island, situated on the Great Salt Lake itself!

Salt Lake City: our first impressions

So, our first impressions of Salt Lake City were: hot, quiet and surprisingly big. Let’s delve into that a little more, shall we?

Hot. So very, very hot!

Holy guacamole, it was HOT. It reached nearly 100F on some days! We were left in a mild sweat after a short 5 minute walk… After all, it was the peak of summer. It was pretty hard to imagine the place ever being cold – despite Utah having famously cold winters (it held the 2002 Winter Olympics and is a popular skiing destination).

Needless to say, we learned pretty quickly to stick to the air-conditioned buildings as much as possible. Oh, and a refreshing iced coffee became a daily necessity! 🙂

An unexpected quietness…

After we got over the heat, we were pretty surprised at how quiet Salt Lake City was. To be fair, we’re used to much bigger American cities like San Francisco. But still – it felt almost eerily quiet in SLC. Maybe it was the heat?

Don’t get me wrong; I loved the quiet! It was nice to have the sidewalks to ourself, or be able to grab a bite to eat without any queue (priorities on point!). It was just a little unexpected.

A Week in Salt Lake City, Utah. The Crafty Gentleman Mike Aspinall

The city that keeps on giving!

Another unexpected surprise about Salt Lake City was just how big and spread out it was. Maybe I’m a little naive, but I pictured it being a bit more compact and quaint. I was wrong!

The roads were wide, the buildings were tall. Things were spread out. Colourful surprises were hidden around most corners. There was a lot to explore. Luckily, there’s a great (and free!) tram network to get you around the downtown area.

Because of the size of Salt Lake City, I still feel like I’ve not quite explored all it has to offer. But hey, that’s a good excuse to return, right?! 😉

Keep your eyes on my blog for another Utah post next week, where I’ll show you around its famous National Parks. Spoiler: they were the most incredible natural landscapes I’ve ever seen.

– Mike.

A Week in Salt Lake City, Utah. Antelope Island.A Week in Salt Lake City, UtahA Week in Salt Lake City, Utah. Antelope Island. A Week in Salt Lake City, Utah. Antelope Island. A Week in Salt Lake City, Utah. Red Iguana mexican restaurant A Week in Salt Lake City, Utah. The Crafty Gentleman Mike Aspinall