DIY tripod plant pot

DIY mid century tripod plant pot with wooden legs | Click through for tutorial
DIY mid century tripod plant pot with wooden legs | Click through for tutorial

Another month, another DIY planter! I think I’m becoming a little obsessed with making plant holders (which is convenient, because I’m also obsessed with buying houseplants…).

Ever since I made this DIY mid-century planter last month, I’ve been dreaming up ways to make some variations on it. And for this project, I’ve stripped it right back to basics. Because sometimes, the simplest crafts are the most effective, right?

This DIY tripod plant pot is a great way to give a boring plant pot a new life. It also gives it a much more premium look – who’d have thought that mine started life as a £2 Ikea bargain?!

DIY tripod plant pot

Supplies and tools

  • A plain plant pot
  • 1 inch thick wooden dowelling
  • Strong all purpose glue
  • Mitre saw, jig saw or handheld saw and clamps
  • Sandpaper
  • Ruler
  • Pencil


1. First up, you’ll need to decide how high you would like the legs of your DIY tripod plant pot to be. As a general rule of thumb, I’d recommend making the legs around half the height of the planter itself. So a 20cm planter would have 10cm legs. However, it’s totally down to personal preference – and it’s best to judge it by eye, rather than be too bogged down by specifics.

2. With your height decided, use a pencil to mark out three identical lengths of your dowelling.

3. Time to cut! The key thing to remember here is to cut each leg with slanted edges – and that both ends must be slanted in the same direction. This is what will give your plant pot legs their angled effect. Aim for a 15-25 degree angle. It’s easiest to achieve this with an adjustable mitre or table saw, but you can also do it with a jig saw or hand-held saw. Just make sure you clamp the dowelling firmly to your workbench if you go for one of the latter options.

4. With all three legs cut out, sand down the edges to smooth them and remove splinters.

5. Turn your plant pot upside down, and make a small pencil mark at three even points around the edge. Apply a generous amount of strong glue directly to the end of one of your wooden legs, then stick it directly to the plant pot (using the pencil marks as a guide). Wipe away any excess glue with a clean, wet cloth, then repeat for the other two legs.

6. Leave the plant pot as it is for around 30 minutes, so the glue settles and begins to set. Then turn the pot the correct way round, so the legs are underneath. Gently place it down onto a wipe-clean surface (the glue might drip a little). The weight of the plant pot should ensure a firm pressure between the pot and the legs. Leave this to dry completely for at least 24 hours.

DIY mid century tripod plant pot with wooden legs | Click through for tutorial

I’m of the firm belief that you can never have too many plant pots, especially if they’re handmade. So consider this your permission to go and make a bunch of these DIY tripod plant pots – the more the merrier! 😉

Happy crafting! – Mike.

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How to make a DIY tripod plant pot - Mid-century modern minimalist decor - Click through for free tutorial - Crafts for men

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