Happy Dough Lucky Pizza and Desserts restaurant pop up Nottingham
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Happy Dough Lucky

As I write this, it’s Thursday afternoon. I’m slobbing on my sofa, typing away on my MacBook, with a cup of peppermint tea next to me. I’m still in a blissful food coma. Last night, Gareth and I went to the blogger’s launch event of a new pop-up restaurant in Nottingham, called Happy Dough Lucky. Holy flipping crap it was GOOD. Like, really, really, really good! Happy Dough Lucky At 8pm, we made our way to the steps of the Lacehouse Bar in Nottingham’s…

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How to make round Easter Egg cushions. Click the through for full tutorial and more Easter craft projects.
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How to make round Easter Egg cushions

  I’ve been seeing a load of circular cushions popping up on blogs and decor sites lately. Are they the new cool?? I hope so – I like them! Since I’m a bit of a cushion-making fanatic, I thought I’d try putting my own twist on the circular cushion trend. I’ve altered the shape slightly and made my own DIY Easter Egg cushion. So festive! 😛 To give my Easter Egg cushion a bit of extra dimension, I used a panel…

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Tips for making a quilted blanket - How to sew a patchwork quilt - Sewing and crafts blog - The Crafty Gentleman
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Tips for making a quilted blanket

From the moment I got my hands on my new Singer sewing machine, I’ve been dying to make a large, quilted blanket! As I shared in this blog post, my sister had a baby recently – so it was the perfect opportunity. I’ve dabbled in a few quilting projects before, but this was the first time I’d gone all-out with a large quilted blanket. I learnt a lot through making it! I thought I’d document some of the things I learnt,…

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My new Cricut Maker: unboxing and first impressions.
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My new Cricut Maker: unboxing and first impressions

This week, my obsession with Cricut reached new heights… because I’m now the proud owner of the new Cricut Maker! OMG OMG OMG. Still freaking out about it! If you read my blog regularly, you’ll no doubt be aware that I love Cricut. I’ve been chatting about them for months, ever since getting my first Cricut Explore Air last year. (If you’re wondering what the heck I’m chatting about, then a Cricut is an electronic cutting machine that’s specialised for crafts.)….

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Make your own DIY Fabric Board Game
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Make your own DIY Fabric Board Game

This blog post is a bit of a special one… why? Because I’m sharing the first project I’ve made for my collaboration with Singer! If you missed it, then I announced last week that I’m going to be working as a Singer Brand Ambassador for 2018. How flipping exciting is that?!  The Singer machine that I’ve got is a 7285Q Patchwork model. As the name suggests, this machine is specialised for quilting and patchwork projects. Quick confession: I’ve never tried…

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Singer Brand Ambassador - Craft sewing blogger - The Crafty Gentleman
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I’m a Singer brand ambassador!

I’ve been sewing for about 10 years now (wowzers, that makes me feel old…). I love it. I started off by teaching myself how to sew the basics, like straight seams, button holes and applique. Over the years, I’ve gotten to know my sewing machine so much better – and the quality of my creations has definitely improved. Want to know something surprising? Until this week, I was still using my very first sewing machine on all of my projects!…

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Minimal Christmas wreath doodle - Cricut Explore Air
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Christmas Wreath colouring in doodle (FREE DOWNLOAD)

I’m spoiling you guys this week – first with my Cricut giveaway, and now with a FREE Christmas download! ‘Tis the season and all! But before I tell you how to download the colouring in sheet, I wanted to share a little about how I made this design using Cricut Design Space. If you’ve not heard of it before, Cricut Design Space is the software used to control a electronic cutting machine called a Cricut. Cricuts are sooooo cool –…

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Rosemary, fennel and sea salt macaron recipes with Ottar chocolate
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Try these caramel macarons (with fennel, rosemary and sea salt flavours!)

A perfectly baked macaron is like a little bite of pure perfection. Crisp on the outside, soft and chewy in the middle, with a generous layer of gooey filling… give anyone a plate of macarons and you’ll be on to a winner! For me, one of the best things about macarons is their variety. There’s simply no end to the number of ways you can tweak the basic recipe to add in new flavours, colours, textures, shapes and finishes. A…

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