Tips for an autumn party or Thanksgiving party Tips for an autumn party or Thanksgiving party

I feel like this time of year is always really good for homeware. Maybe it’s because of the colder weather – everyone starts retreating inside and wanting to update their homes? I don’t know. But there’s definitely a certain cosiness to autumn, which comes through in home interiors.

Because of this, it’s also a great time to throw a get together with friends! With this in mind, I thought I’d share some of my tips for throwing an autumn party. I’m VERY excited to be working with Søstrene Grene on this blog post. I’ve been an admirer of the Søstrene Grene shop in Nottingham for a long time – and I’ve just found out that they’re opening another shop in Chester, 20 minutes from where my parents live. Winner! Almost all of the homeware you can see in my photos came from Søstrene Grene (I know right, their range is amazing!).

Tips for an autumn party or Thanksgiving party

Tips for throwing an autumn party

Channel the colours of autumn

Potentially my favourite thing about autumn is the colour. Golden yellow, deep green and woody, earthy tones… I can’t get enough! To really drive home that autumnal theme, try to incorporate these colours into your party décor.

I laid my table with an earthy, moss green tablecloth and a warm grey runner (both from H&M). I then topped it with wooden accessories and occasional hints of green and grey. Almost everything you see on my table is from Søstrene Grene: the wooden boards, bowls, salad tongs, glasses, candles, votives and even the fabric napkins. (Although the latter are actually labelled as dishcloths – I’ve just repurposed them as decorative napkins!). Can you tell that I LOVE the kitchenware range at Søstrene Grene?! Honestly, it’s fast becoming my go-to place for swoon-worthy accessories and utensils. And, because it was all bought from the same range, the pieces all work together to seamlessly create a really cohesive display.

Tips for an autumn party or Thanksgiving party

How to lay your table for maximum impact

At a party, the food table is usually the focal point. Because, lets face it, being near the food is where everyone wants to hang out! It’s therefore a good plan to get your spread looking as Instagram-worthy as possible. This totally doesn’t need to be difficult, or time consuming! Just consider these simple pointers:

  • Add colour and texture with a tablecloth. This is the most efficient way to create a mood or theme. I also added a simple runner to break up the table a little more.
  • Create a focal point with decorations. I lined up some seasonal pumpkins and squash at the back of my table, and added a few candles for some extra visual interest.
  • Arrange your food logically and evenly. By this, I mean you should space out your serving boards, and position them sensibly. Cheese and nibbles at the front, glassware over to one side, tall things like a salad bowl at the back.
  • Have easy access to things like cutlery, crockery, napkins and glasses. You don’t want guests hunting around for what they need.

Tips for an autumn party or Thanksgiving party

Have a few DIY glass markers ready

If you’re having a boozy get together (lets face it, they’re the best kind!), then it’s a good idea to have a few wine glass markers available. Wine glass markers are simple tags that you can add to your glass, to identify them as your own. No more putting down your drink, then forgetting which one was yours!

I whipped up a few DIY glass markers recently, using the craft supplies from Søstrene Grene. Starting off with some of their geometric wooden beads, I then added a piece of Washi tape to each one. I gave each bead a different colour of Washi tape, to make them unique, then tied them to wine glasses with yarn. Simple, cheap and perfectly in fitting with my autumn party décor! They would also make nice keepsakes or gifts for your guests to take home at the end of the night.

Tips for an autumn party or Thanksgiving party Tips for an autumn party or Thanksgiving party Tips for an autumn party or Thanksgiving party

Get the mood right with lighting

As I mentioned in another recent post, one sure-fire way to create an autumn vibe is with lighting. Too bright makes things feel clinical and uncomfortable, whilst too dark will feel a little ominous… Strike the right balance by switching on a few lamps and adding some candles to your dinner table. Candles cast a lovely, warm glow – ideal for autumn!

I used a combination of taper candles and tealights, in a range of different holders (all from Søstrene Grene). I especially love the trio of candlestick holders, all at different heights – it adds a nice centrepiece to the table. Just ensure that candles are safely out of the way – you don’t want people knocking them over, or burning themselves! A good way to protect against this is by using hurricane votives, as you can see in my photos. Hurricane votives prevent tealights from blowing out whenever anyone walks past (if they’re tinted, they’ll also cast a moody, diffused glow).

Tips for an autumn party or Thanksgiving party Tips for an autumn party or Thanksgiving party

I hope these tips for throwing an autumn party are helpful. If you have any other ideas or tips, then do share them in the comments! 🙂 Thanks again to Søstrene Grene for working with me on this post. If you like the look of my autumn dinner table, then be sure to check them out. Happy autumn! – Mike.

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This post was sponsored by Søstrene Grene, although all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands and businesses that keep me blogging!