Tips for a cosy autumn home Tips for a cosy autumn home

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have no doubt seen me harking on about how much I love autumn. It’s true! This is my favourite time of year by far. One of my favourite autumn traditions is updating my home decor for the season. That’s why I’m so excited to be partnering with both Essence of Harris and the Tartan Blanket Co for this post, who have autumn decor down to a fine art. Read on to learn my six tips for a cosy autumn home…

Six tips for a cosy autumn home

Texture is your best friend

Texture is arguably the most impactful way to update your home for the autumn. After all, this season is all about cosiness, snuggling up on the sofa and wrapping up warm – your home should be just the same!

A throw or blanket is the best way to achieve this: high impact, minimal effort. Winner! I’d definitely recommend checking out The Tartan Blanket Co’s range of throws; they have the most irresistible colours and soft textures. I’ve got their Buchanan Antique Tartan blanket in my home, and I’m completely obsessed with it. Seriously, I keep finding myself staring at it like an absolute weirdo… it’s just so beautiful!

Tips for a cosy autumn home

Get the mood right with candles

Autumn is hella good looking. The early evening sun casts the most beautiful golden glow in my home, and I just LOVE the darker, cosier nights. With the evenings drawing in like this, it’s important to reflect this vibe in your home, too.

Of course, it almost goes without saying that the best way to do this is with candles. I’m a big fan of candles. Is that a weird thing to say?! Probably. But no regrets, it’s out there now. Anyway, the ambiance that a candle can create is simply unrivalled. Currently, I’m loving the hand-poured candles from Essence of Harris. The quality and depth of scent is awesome! Since shooting the photos you can see in this blog, I’ve pretty much been burning their candles non-stop. My home has never looked so autumnal and glowy! Also, these candles smell seriously good – which leads me on to…

Tips for a cosy autumn home

Appeal to all the senses

When creating a certain vibe for your home, it’s easy to forget about scents. But it’s actually one of the first things people seem to pick up on! A good smelling home is sooo much more welcoming. Sure, you could stick in an electric room diffuser or spritz a bit of room spray – but, let’s face it, these methods are a bit crap. To give your home a constant, but subtle, scent, it’s gotta be a reed diffuser.

To go with my candles, I’ve got the Essence of Harris reed diffuser in the Horgabost lemongrass & ginger fragrance. Let me tell you – every time I get home from work, it’s like a walking into a big, lovely-scented autumnal embrace! Yeah, that’s the cheesiest sentence I’ve ever written – but it’s legit true. It’s the perfect blend of spicy, fresh and warming. Try them out yourself and you will see – trust me!

Tips for a cosy autumn home Tips for a cosy autumn home

Channel the colours of autumn

Whenever I think of autumn, my mind floods with images of crisp yellow-brown leaves, orange pumpkins and golden candlelight. This seasonal colour palette is like my spirit animal; I feel weirdly drawn to it all-year round… so I take full advantage of this time of year to bring it out in style!

Adding simple accessories in muted orange, yellow and brown (like my Tartan Blanket Co throw) is an easy way to draw out these shades. I also like to throw in some earthy tones, like wood and deep greens, to give it a bit of depth. This also helps you to transition a bit more seamlessly from the summer, through autumn and on into the winter.

Tips for a cosy autumn home

Small tweaks = big impact

I think the biggest thing to think about when decorating for autumn (or any season), is that small changes can make a big impact. Add simple accessories, like my candles and throw, a few pumpkins and a new piece of wall art. These pieces don’t need to cost a lot, and they won’t overpower or completely change your space. That’s not what we’re trying to achieve here. Instead, they will help to draw out the already-present autumnal elements within your home, making it feel like a much more natural transition through the seasons.

Tips for a cosy autumn home

Don’t just buy it… DIY it!

You didn’t think I’d write an autumn decor tips blog post without mentioning DIY, did you? Of course not! Adding a handmade decoration or two is a really cost-effective way to bring new life to your space. There’s also something great about displaying your handmade crafts in your home – it’s so nice to know that they are completely bespoke and one-of-a-kind. A few good examples of easy handmade autumn decorations are my paper leaf wreath and my dried fruit hanging decorations. Couple them with some shop-bought accessories and you’ll be onto a winner!

I hope these six tips for a cosy autumn home help you this season. Thanks so much to Essence of Harris and Tartan Blanket Co for sponsoring this post! Go check them out if you’re seeking ways to up your decor game this autumn. 🙂 – Mike.

Tips for a cosy autumn home

This post was sponsored by Essence of Harris and The Tartan Blanket Co, although all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands and businesses that keep me blogging!