DIY Pantone wall art DIY Pantone wall art DIY Pantone wall art

Have I ever mentioned how much I freaking love Pantone? Like, major obsessor right here! If you strip it all back, then Pantone is simply a colour organisational tool. But in reality, it is so much more – they have a huge range of irresistible merchandise and paints, as well as more unusual spin offs like a hotel in Brussels (which I was lucky enough to stay in a few years back!).

So you can imagine my excitement when I discovered that my local DIY store stocks a range of Pantone paints… and, even better, they’re accompanied with sample chips! I immediately started thinking of ways to use these iconic colour chips in a craft project, as a way to bring even more Pantone goodness into my house. The result? A simple, but oh-so-dreamy, DIY Pantone wall art. Check out the video and photo tutorial below to learn how you can make your own.

PANTONE wall art DIY

DIY Pantone wall art



  • A large picture frame
  • Poster board to fit the frame
  • Pantone chips
  • A ruler
  • Double sided sticky tape


Start by laying your poster board flat on the floor (or a large table). Spread the Pantone chips randomly over your poster board, loosely arranging them into rows and columns. Don’t worry about getting the distances perfect just yet – the main thing is getting the colour layout spot on.

Take a few steps back and consider the layout of the colours. Does the balance look right? Do the colours work together well? Here’s a few tips to help you get that perfect arrangement:

  • The key thing is to make sure that there are no repeat colours next to one another (that includes variants of a colour, like different shades of blue).
  • Try to focus on broad categories of colours at a time. For example, look at all the warm colours (reds, purples, oranges, pinks) – are they evenly spaced? Then move onto the cold colours (blues, greens, whites) and, lastly, the neutral colours (browns, greys, creams).
  • Are there any colour combos that you especially love? Feel free to move these adjacent to each other on your DIY wall art – it’s nice to have a little hint towards your fave combo, within a big scattering of colour chips!

It’s easy to spend waaay to long on moving the colour chips around – but try not to overthink it! You should be able to come to a good layout by spending just 5-10 minutes moving it about. If in doubt, ask a friend!

Once you’ve got the colour combo spot on, add a strip of double sided sticky tape to the back of every colour chip and put them to one side. Then it’s simply a case of using a ruler to line up the Pantone chips, one by one, and stick them down in a perfect grid. Depending on the size of your wall art, you might find it easier to measure the grid and mark it out with a pencil first. Once you’ve stuck them all down, simply mount the decorated poster board in a frame and hang it up.

DIY Pantone wall art

I chose to hang my DIY Pantone wall art on my staircase, which doesn’t get much direct sunlight. It’s really brightened the space up! I love that it’s become one of the central focal points of the house – a real conversation starter for guests (“Which one is your favourite colour?”), and a daily source of colour inspiration. I’m even thinking of making a second one, but arranging the colours in a gradient to match my home… I’ll be sure to share the photos on Instagram if I give that one a go! – Mike.

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Learn how to make your own Pantone chip wall art, for a highly impactful piece of home decor. Click through for the video tutorial

DIY Pantone wall art DIY Pantone wall art