DIY Hanging Fabric Wall Art

Here in the UK, the spring is just around the corner! I love winter, but I’m definitely ready for this dreary grey weather to end. Pretty soon, the rain will stop and the clouds will clear, the sky will get brighter and the days warmer – well, that’s the theory anyway! The sun will also be rising earlier, which always makes getting out of bed that little bit easier! Roll on spring! 🙂

Since the spring season is all about fresh new beginnings, why not give your home a fresh new look too? This spring-inspired wall hanging technique is a great way to freshen up a living space with something quirky and different.

DIY Hanging Fabric Wall Art

What you’ll need

  • Medium/heavy weight cotton fabric
  • Black fabric marker
  • Coloured sewing thread
  • Coloured embroidery thread
  • Wooden dowelling
  • Fine sandpaper
  • String or twine
  • Wide eyed needle
  • Sewing machine

What to do

  1. Cut two identical pieces of the medium weight fabric, measuring 30 cm by 25 cm each.DIY Hanging Fabric Wall Art
  2. With a fabric marker, draw your design onto one piece of fabric, ensuring that you leave a gap all around (5 cm on the sides, 10 cm at the top and bottom). I drew freehand, but you could trace or stencil, if you aren’t too confident at drawing.DIY Hanging Fabric Wall Art
  3. Fill out all the letters with the fabric marker – make sure they’re all bold, with clean, sharp lines.DIY Hanging Fabric Wall ArtDIY Hanging Fabric Wall Art
  4. Using a sewing machine and coloured thread, highlight some of the design by sewing directly onto the lettering. Bright, colourful thread works well here, against the muted shades of the fabric and the marker pen.
  5. Place the two pieces of fabric (one with the design on, the other is a backing piece) together, facing inwards, with all sides lined up.DIY Hanging Fabric Wall Art
  6. Sew the pieces together around three sides, 1-2 cm from the edge. Turn the whole thing inside out to reveal the design, then close the hole with another line of stitching. You can either use a hidden stitch (for a slightly neater look) or fold the raw edges in on themselves and stitch directly over the top – it doesn’t make much difference to the finished wall hanging.
  7. Next, fold one long edge of the fabric behind by 2 cm and pin in place.
  8. Repeat with the opposite side, then the top and bottom – except fold the top and bottom over by 4 cm, not 2 cm.DIY Hanging Fabric Wall Art
  9. Using a decorative embroidery thread and wide eye needle, hand stitch all around the edge to permanently hold the fold in place. On the sides, the stitch should run 1 cm from the edge; at the top and bottom, it should run 3cm from the edge (or far enough from the edge to enable the dowelling to be fed into the gap that is created). Remove the pins as you go.
  10. Neatly tie off the embroidery thread when you have finished and press the whole piece firmly with a hot iron. This will remove creases, sharpen the folds and make the marker design permanent.
  11. Cut two pieces of dowelling to approximately 2 cm longer than the width of your wall hanging, then smooth the edges with a fine sandpaper.
  12. Feed the dowelling into the top and bottom of the wall hanging, through the gaps created by folding the fabric behind itself.
  13. Use a length of twine or string to hang the wall hanging up.

DIY Hanging Fabric Wall Art

I love the “Wake up & smell the coffee” quote on this wall hanging, it perfectly captures the optimism and new beginnings that spring is all about. I’m going to hang this up in my home as soon as the weather cheers up!

Why don’t you combine this project with my DIY mocha recipe and homemade coffee syrups for an awesome, handmade coffee hamper gift?

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  • Esther
    March 9, 2015 at 2:18 pm

    Fab – thanks, I found the dowels via B&q as recommended. Just checking – what diametre did you use? I don’t want it to be too thick that it doesn’t sit well against the wall

    Lastly, what make / model sewing machine do you use. I am soon to be taking sewing lessons and will need to invest in a machie to do sofa covers and other home furnishing type projects.


    • The Crafty Gentleman
      March 12, 2015 at 3:28 pm

      Glad you found some dowels! Mine are 9 mm wide, although it doesn’t make too much difference – as long as you stay between 0.5-20 mm (depending on the size of your wall hanging).

      My sewing machine is a Brother X5. It’s great for small, everyday craft projects. However, if you are going to be doing a lot of heavy-duty work, such as sofa covers, you might want to invest in something a little bigger/more powerful.

      Hope this helps!

  • Esther
    March 7, 2015 at 6:22 am


    Surely I’ve just stumbled upon the most eligible gentleman in all the land??
    A man who can sew draw and diy. Plus writes well. Where having you been hiding all my life.

    Seriously though, this is so inspiring I’ve decided to stalk (I mean follow) you. From a distance of course. You made the tutorial look so easy which is great as I’m looking to put up a huge fabric wall hanging in my bedroom.

    p.s. Do you know where I can get 120cm long wooden dowels from? The widest I found were 90cm.

    Keep up the great work! 🙂

    • The Crafty Gentleman
      March 8, 2015 at 8:46 am

      Wow, thanks so much Esther! I’m so glad you’re enjoying my blog!

      About the dowels, I got mine form B&Q. All I can suggest is to try your local hardware and DIY shops (the bigger ones are more likely to stock it). Alternatively, you could try joining two smaller pieces together – although this will create a weak spot at the join, so you would have to overlap them a little.

      Hope this helps. Happy crafting!


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