How to make a felt fajita burrito How to make a felt fajita burritoIf I were to describe my style (and the style of The Crafty Gentleman blog) in a few words, I guess I’d say: classic and gentlemanly, with a touch of quirky. However, it’s sometimes good to throw caution to the wind and do something a completely random and different. So that’s exactly what I’ve done with this project. Yep. I made a felt fajita!

Although I made this as a novelty gift for a friend, it would also make a great surprise for a little’un. It’s way cooler than yet another teddy bear, don’t ya think?! Or why not whip a few up and throw a fajita party with friends? After all, Cinco de Mayo is just around the corner…

How to make a felt fajita toy


  • Paper and pencil
  • Felt in a range of colours
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread

How to make a felt fajita burrito How to make a felt fajita burrito How to make a felt fajita burrito How to make a felt fajita burrito


  1. First things first: you need to decide what you’re going to have in your fajita. I’ve gone for the classic combo of lettuce, tomato and cheese (I was going to add chicken strips, but they looked a bit weird in felt form). Sketch your food onto paper, making sure you keep the shapes pretty simple (so: a slice of tomato is simply a circle, a lettuce leaf is an oblong with a wobbly top edge etc). Don’t forget to draw the tortilla wrap too! When drawing the food, make sure to keep them all in scale with one another.
  2. Cut your paper food templates out.
  3. Loosely arrange the paper templates onto each other in order. Start with the tortilla, then the larger food like lettuce leaves, followed by the smaller foods like tomato slices. Make sure that all of the fajita contents will stack neatly inside the tortilla wrap, with enough room to fold over the edges. If they’re sticking out a little too much, just give them a trim.
  4. Once you’re happy with the size of the paper templates, pin them onto the relevant coloured felt and cut them out.
  5. Layer all of the felt shapes (except for the tortilla wrap) onto each other, just like you did with the paper, and pin in place.

How to make a felt fajita burrito How to make a felt fajita burrito How to make a felt fajita burritoHow to make a felt fajita burrito
6. Stitch them together, making sure you keep the lines of stitches quite low down so they will eventually become hidden by the tortilla, when it’s wrapped around. A bulldog clip can help hold the whole thing together while you sew.

7. Finally, place the fajita contents inside the felt tortilla wrap and fold it over, just like a real fajita. Pin in place and stitch carefully around the edges and through the middle. Remember that this stitching will be visible, so keep it as neat as you can.

How to make a felt fajita burrito

I really loved making this DIY felt fajita! After all, we’re all here because we love making things – and part of the joy of making is being creative and breaking the normal rules. Therefore, I totally say that Mexican food can be crafted from hand-sewn felt and photographed on a dinner table. Why the heck not! 😉 – Mike.

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