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DIY tinted gradient Mason jar
in DIY + Crafts, Other

How to add a gradient tint to a Mason jar

Over the years, I seem to have amassed a pretty sizeable collection of Mason jars, Kilner jars and a whole assortment of other quirky glassware. I’m not entirely sure where it’s all come from… but I’m not complaining, glass jars are SO USEFUL. I’ll admit, I do tend to use them mostly for storing dry goods in the kitchen, like pasta or rice – boring I know, especially when you look at the multitude of things you can do with…

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Scandinavian Meatballs canapé recipe
in Recipe, Savoury

Recipe: Scandinavian-inspired meatball canapes

Whoooooa guys I went to the BEST independent coffee shop last week! It was a little Scandinavian-inspired delight, tucked away in the town centre of Harrogate, called Baltzersen’s. Everything, from the wall art to the furniture, the crockery to the food, was Scandinavian themed. It was absolutely on point. I ate the most amazing meatballs I’ve ever tasted, served in an open sandwich of rye bread, with lingonberry jam, fried onions and Jarlsberg cheese, with sides of homemade slaw and gherkin…

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Make a DIY pegboard with a geometric colour block
in DIY + Crafts, Home décor, Interiors, Wood

Make your own DIY pegboard!

Big news guys, I finally took the plunge into the world of power tools the other week… I bought a power drill! This was a long-overdue purchase. I now feel like a superhero; a whole new area of crafting has been opened up to me. I’ve been more and more interested in woodwork over the past few months, so this new gadget is going to enable me to create much more ambitious DIYs. I wasted no time in getting stuck in…

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Innocent Big Knit
in Life

Coming to a shelf near you… my face!

I’m excited to announce a little side line I’ve been working on for the past month or so – a collaboration with Innocent Smoothies! Since teaching myself how to knit a few months ago, I’ve been filling every moment of free time knitting little bobble hats for their Big Knit campaign. The other week, they got in touch to ask if they could feature my story on their smoothie bottles. So if you’re based in the UK, make sure you keep…

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DIY Washi Tape Coaster
in DIY + Crafts, Other

Try this: Washi Tape DIY Coasters

I’m juuust about finished with my house move, woohoo! I’ve spent the past few weeks with boxes everywhere and taking about 20 minutes to find anything. This has slowly been driving me crazy – but my flat is finally starting to look like an actual habitual home with a semblance of organisation (!). Anyway, despite this domestic turbulence, I managed to sneak in a quick décor DIY at the weekend – because, let’s face it, decorating is the best thing about…

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Tips on how to draw
in DIY + Crafts, Other, Paper

Simple tips on how to draw (and digitise your sketches)

Not many people know this about me, but I love drawing. I practically spent my whole childhood churning out drawing after drawing; anything from dinosaurs and monsters, to animals and buildings. I even remember a few cringe-worthy attempts at a self portrait (!). I still have most of my drawings stored somewhere in the depths of my Mum’s loft – it’s nice having a look through them from time to time. Sadly, as I’ve grown up and the responsibilities of adult…

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Masson Cotton Mill
in Life

Masson Mills and the history of cotton

This weekend, I took a drive into the rolling hills of Derbyshire to visit the Masson Mills, a cotton mill built way back in 1783. Incredibly, it’s still in working order! It’s amazing. Clearly I’m a crafting geek, so I was really excited to see the cotton fabrics being woven in the traditional methods on original 18th century machines. I was not disappointed! A very friendly gentleman offered us a tour around the mills. He’s been working there for years, so…

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Leather and tweed DIY travel documents holder
in DIY + Crafts, Leather, Sewing

Leather & Tweed Travel Documents Holder

Salt and pepper, Batman and Robin, movies and popcorn; classic pairings that just work. Well, I’ve got a new one to add to the list: leather and tweed! I’m a HUGE fan of tweed, I just love the classic touch it can add to a project. I’ve also been doing a lot of leather craft lately – and it’s fast becoming one of my favourite materials to work with. So, it was only a matter of time before I brought…

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