Hey guys! I just wanted to share a little update about my appearances at the Handmade Fair with Kirstie Allsopp this spring. First up, if you missed my original announcement, then go read that blog post here. Go on, I’ll wait. Read it? Good! 🙂
Okay, now you’re up to date… I’ve got more news to share! In addition to the three demonstrations I’ll be running at the Fair, I’ve just been booked for a fourth appearance. I’m going to be competing in a Mollie Makes Mash Up in the Super Theatre! Woohoo!
Mollie Makes Mash Up at The Handmade Fair Ragley 2018 with Kirstie Allsopp

What is a Mollie Makes Mash Up?

A Mollie Makes Mash Up is a 1-on-1 craft competition, hosted by Mollie Makes magazine. Here’s how it’s described on the Handmade Fair website… 
Don’t miss our Ready Steady Cook-style craft-offs, pitching some of the biggest names in craft against one another for a creative session against the clock.
I’m just gonna gloss over the fact that I’m somehow being described as a big name in craft (I mean, what?! It’s surreal!)…
For my Mash Up, I’m going to be upcycling a lampshade in just 45 minutes. I’ve already got a few cool ideas of what I’m gonna do – and luckily I’ve got plenty of time to finalise my plans! I don’t yet know who I’ll be competing against, but previous people have included BIG names, like Mr X Stitch, Christine Leech and Chinelo Bally. Ahh!
I’ll be hitting up the Super Theatre for my Mollie Makes Mash Up at 15:15 on Saturday 12th May, just after my demonstration in the Skills Workshop. It’s gonna be a busy weekend! If you want to be there, then you can buy tickets NOW, just click here. I’ll be at the Ragley Hall event for the whole fair. I hope to see as many of you there as possible! – Mike.