Basket weave knitted cushion

A few weeks back, I told the story of my first ever attempt at knitting (read it in this post). Well, I reached a bit of a crafting landmark today… I completed my first ever knitting project!

I made a basic cushion cover, with a simple knit pattern on the back and a more complex basket weave design on the front. I used a speckled beige wool, finished off with a bright blue tweed covered button. What do you think? I think it looks alright for a first attempt!

Basket weave knitted cushion

Basket weave knitted cushionI didn’t really follow a pattern at first, as it was more a chance for me to learn the basics – remember, I had never so much as cast on before making this. However, as I began to build up a decent length of knitted yarn, I thought I might as well put it to use. I thought a cushion cover seemed a good project to try; practical, but pretty simple. Perfect!

It wasn’t too long before I’d got the hang of the basic knit stitch, so I went a bit more daring by mixing it up with a purl stitch, to create the basket weave you can see in the pictures. I am SO HAPPY that it worked! I can’t wait to apply this pattern to something else (hopefully a jumper isn’t too far away). You can get the pattern for my basket weave knit cushion below.

DIY basket weave cushion cover easy knit pattern

  1. Cast on 38 stitches
  2. K1 for 42 rows
  3. On the 43rd row: K7, P6, K6, P6, K6, P6, K1
  4. Repeat step 3 for a further 7 rows
  5. On the next row: K1, P6, K6, P6, K6, P6, K7
  6. Repeat step 5 for a further 7 rows
  7. Repeat steps 3 – 6 another 2 times, to form 6 by 6 basket weave
  8. K1 for 16 rows and cast off
  9. With a hand needle, sew the edges together to form the cushion

Don’t get me wrong, I definitely made a few mistakes along the way… I highlighted a few of them in the first post, and there have been a few more since then! The main things were dropping the occasional stitch, plus I messed up the counting in the basket weave once or twice (too busy talking or watching TV at the same time, whoops). But hey, for my first attempt I was fully expecting a few mess ups!

Now I’ve learnt this brand new craft technique, I’m kicking myself for not trying it sooner! However, now I’ve got the basic skills, I’m already eyeing up a load of new projects… I’ll be sure to share them all on my blog, watch this space! – Mike.

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Basket weave knitted cushion

P.S. You can see my handmade tweed patchwork cushion in these pictures too, check out the tutorial for it here.