Minimal Christmas wreath doodle - free download - Cricut Explore Air Minimal Christmas wreath doodle - free download - Cricut Explore Air Minimal Christmas wreath doodle - free download - Cricut Explore Air

I’m spoiling you guys this week – first with my Cricut giveaway, and now with a FREE Christmas download! ‘Tis the season and all! But before I tell you how to download the colouring in sheet, I wanted to share a little about how I made this design using Cricut Design Space.

If you’ve not heard of it before, Cricut Design Space is the software used to control a electronic cutting machine called a Cricut. Cricuts are sooooo cool – they’re like printers, but instead of printing ink, they have a little blade which cuts out your design. But that’s not all! You can also attach special marker pens, so the Cricut will draw a design (then cut it out). How cool is that?!

I was really keen to try out the drawing side of my Cricut, so I came up with a plan to make a minimal Christmas wreath colouring in design. I’ll take you through the steps of how I made it below (or you can skip to the bottom for the download)…

Minimal Christmas wreath doodle - free download - Cricut Explore Air

Christmas Wreath colouring in doodle with Cricut Design Space

Supplies and tools

What to do

  1. The majority of the work involved in making this Christmas wreath colouring in doodle was simply in designing it, so I’ll run you through how I did this so you can make your own too. To start with, login to Cricut Design Space. It’s free to make an account, and it’s pretty simple software to use (although you usually need to pay to access the image library, but it is generally very cheap). Once you’re logged in, create a new project by following the onscreen prompts.
  2. With the blank project canvas ready, it’s time to get designing. Cricut have a heck of a lot of images in their image library – simply click “images” on the left and use the search bar. I chose loads of craft-related images for a crafty wreath theme. Don’t worry about what colour the images are, or if they are not simple line drawings – we will sort this out in the next step.
  3. Once you’ve selected loads of images, insert them onto the canvas. Now, one by one, you need to change each image to a “write” file. To do this, click on the image in the right hand side layers column, and change its layer attributes to “write”. This will automatically convert the image to a simple line drawing – ta-dah!
  4. With all of the images converted to write layers, arrange them into a large circle. Start by moving the larger images, then filling the gaps with smaller ones. Leave a large circle clear in the centre, to create the classic Christmas wreath shape.
  5. When all of the images are nicely in place, attach them all together by selecting them all and clicking “attach” in the layers menu.
  6. Finally, use the shape tool to add two circles – one on the outside, and one on the inside. Set these to “cut” files, and drop them in position behind the images. Select all layers of the image (doodles and the circles) and weld them to the canvas using the “weld” button.
  7. To print the Christmas wreath colouring in doodle, insert a Cricut marker pen into one clamp and a blade into the other. Follow the normal process for using the Cricut (as explained in the instruction leaflet), and the machine will automatically draw AND cut the design out for you – no need to manually intervene! It’s basically magic. 🙂

Minimal Christmas wreath doodle - free download - Cricut Explore Air

Minimal Christmas wreath doodle - free download - Cricut Explore Air

Christmas wreath colouring in doodle – free download

If you don’t fancy making your own wreath design from scratch, like I did, then worry not! I’ve made my design public, so you can download it and print it yourself. If you have a Cricut Design Space account, you can find the Crafty Wreath Doodle file here.

Don’t have a Cricut? First up, enter my competition and you could WIN one! You can also download the printable image by clicking here and then print it with a normal printer.

Once you’ve got your wreath doodle, there’s loads you can do with it! You could hang it up exactly as it is, for a minimal Christmas decoration. Or you could get out the colouring pencils and colour it in (mindfulness at its most festive!). You could even have a full-on craft session and decorate it with ribbons, pom-poms, glitter… anything! It would be great for fesitve crafternoons, or to keep kids entertained. Happy crafting! 🙂 – Mike.

Minimal Christmas wreath doodle - free download - Cricut Explore AirMinimal Christmas wreath doodle - free download - Cricut Explore Air

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