Last week, I revealed that I’ve been offered a magazine column in a new magazine called Urban Chic. If you didn’t see it, then go check out that post first! Anyway, I thought I should shed a bit more light onto what the magazine is all about, how/why I got involved, and who else I’m working with. Who best to tell you all this, than the person who started it all up?! So, without further ado, here’s what Jessie-Ann Lewis, founder of Urban Chic, had to say when I spoke to her the other week…

Urban Chic magazine

Hey Jessie! First up, can you tell me a little about yourself?

Hello there! My name’s Jessie and I’m a Masters student of Magazine Journalism at Cardiff University. I’m 22 years old and currently living in Cardiff, but I’m originally from a small town called Carmarthen in rural South West Wales. For me, the dream would be to work in the women’s lifestyle magazine industry, and I have a particularly strong love for makeup and fashion. I actually run a beauty and lifestyle blog, which I’ve been running for three years. Outside of university and blogging I love keeping fit, spending time in the countryside and photography.

You’ve recently launched a new magazine, Urban Chic. What’s the magazine all about?

Urban Chic is a home décor and crafts magazine for young city dwellers who want to spruce up their small space! It’s aimed at the renter or first-time buyer who want a palatial home but hasn’t quite got the budget to match it. We feature home inspiration from around the world and crafty how-to projects with an urban twist. We’ve also got expert interviews, tips and DIY projects from you, Mike – our very own Crafty Gentleman!

I’m super excited to be a columnist for the magazine! What made you reach out to me in particular?

I’m glad to hear it! As we’re quite new to the crafting world we don’t quite have the expertise, or the resources, to share more technical crafting projects. We were therefore looking for someone who would be able to share their knowledge but who also fitted with our magazine’s ethos. We were so happy when we found you – and even more so when you agreed to be a columnist! We’re very much looking forward to working with you!

Urban Chic magazine edition 1

So how did Urban Chic first come about?

Urban Chic came into being as part of our university course. Along with my housemate Jess, I pitched the magazine idea to the class and our tutors and we were delighted when our idea was chosen to be created! It’s now being made into a real life magazine, which is really exciting.

Where did you get the idea for Urban Chic?

The idea came to me quite spontaneously actually. We originally thought of a cutesy-style magazine called Handmade Home, but after further research we decided that going down the urban route would be far more exciting and would really make our magazine stand out. It’s come on leaps and bounds over the past few weeks and we’re really pleased with the outcome so far!

Who else is on the team with you?

There are six of us on the team – Jessica, Lauren, Emily, Anna, Eugenia and myself. We’re all studying the same course and most of us are from Wales (apart from Eugenia who is from Holland!).

Finally, in the theme of Urban Chic – what are your top decor and interior design trends to look out for this year?

I’m a huge fan of de-cluttered neutral trends with pops of colour, such as the Scandinavian home trend, but I’m also getting really inspired by South American styles. With bright pops of colour, lots of natural elements, such as plants, and lots of airy lighting, I would say that these are such cool up and coming trends that work perfectly for city homes and apartments!

Thanks to Jessie for sharing a little insight into how Urban Chic came into being! If you missed my last post, you can check out the first two editions of the magazine here. The first one features an interview I did with the team, don’t miss it! – Mike.