I’m excited to announce a little side line I’ve been working on for the past month or so – a collaboration with Innocent Smoothies! Since teaching myself how to knit a few months ago, I’ve been filling every moment of free time knitting little bobble hats for their Big Knit campaign. The other week, they got in touch to ask if they could feature my story on their smoothie bottles. So if you’re based in the UK, make sure you keep an eye out for my cheesy grin – it will be on shelf from September! Here’s a little sneak peek of what the feature will look like on the bottle:

Innocent Smoothies Big Knit campaign

About The Big Knit Campaign

The Big Knit is an ingenious collaboration between Innocent and Age UK. Throughout the year, a dedicated network of volunteers (myself included) use their knitting or crochet skills to make as many little bobble hats as humanly possible. What for? To go on top of an Innocent smoothie bottle, of course! The little bottles are adorned with little hats, and sold through the normal supermarket and high street channels – all in an effort to raise awareness of the incredible work that Age UK do in keeping older people wrapped up, warm and safe over the more challenging winter months. Better yet, Innocent donate 25p of each smoothie sale to the charity. So far, they’ve raised over £1.5 million (that’s 4 million hats)!!



How can YOU help?

Right, this is the important bit. Sure, I’m really excited to have my face grinning at you from a supermarket shelf – but I’m working with Innocent for a reason. I want to encourage YOU to get involved with the Big Knit this year, ESPECIALLY all the men out there. Knitting is NOT just for women, so any blokes out there who are nervous of giving it a go – man up and try it!

If you’re already a knitter (or crochet-er!), then it’s easy: just try your hand at one of these awesome patternsBut what if you can’t knit? Well that’s no excuse. Reminder: 5 months ago, I couldn’t knit. Seriously, I had no idea. But now my knitting story is being printed onto the packaging of the biggest smoothie manufacturer in the UK. So get yourself down to your local haberdashery, grab some needles and yarn (both of which are pretty cheap) and start YouTube-ing some tutorial videos! I promise that it’s not as difficult as you think. All you need to learn is the basic knit and purl stitch (that’s all I can do!) – then you’ll easily be able to follow the pattern below to make a basic mini bobble hat.

What next?

Once you’ve whipped up a couple of knitted hats, just pop them into a parcel and send them to Innocent (the address will be shared on their website a little closer to the winter). The team at Innocent will do the rest – and you can put your feet up knowing that you’ve contributed to a brilliant charity (and hopefully learnt a new skill at the same time). Sounds easy, fun AND worthwhile, right?!

So what are you waiting for? Go grab some needles, yarn and a delicious smoothie, and get knitting!

To learn more about the Big Knit, click here.

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