The Crafty Gentleman: my story

Hi there! My name’s Mike Aspinall and I’m the face behind The Crafty Gentleman blog.

I live in the city of Nottingham, England, but I grew up in the quaint English countryside of Cheshire. By day, I’m a full-time Digital Marketing Manager (more on that below). But, but night (and weekend, and pretty much any free time I can find), I’m a craft enthusiast, DIY hobbyist and blogging addict.

The Crafty Gentleman blog | DIY and craft blog for men | Mike Aspinall | glue gun

My blogging story is a bit of a funny one – unlike lots of creatives, I didn’t study interior design or textiles at college, nor did I grow up with artists as parents. That’s not to say that my parents aren’t creative, I hasten to add – thought I’d add that in there, just incase they’re reading… hi Mum, if you are!

Anyway, my background is actually in research science (whoa, bet you didn’t see that one coming). I studied Chemistry at university and spent a couple of years working in research labs. I won a few awards for my research, including one at the UK National Science Fair. One of my research papers was published. I almost applied for a pHd. In short, I was well on the path to a career in science… until I suddenly realised it just wasn’t for me.

Why? Well, I tried and tried, but I just couldn’t shake the feeling of creative restriction. I have major respect for scientists (clearly), but I realised that the almost black-and-white logic of science that I once enjoyed was slowly draining my creativity. I craved a career where I could have more of a personal touch. So, I uncharacteristically threw caution to the wind and undertook a complete life/career U-turn… thankfully, it paid off! In 2013, I began my new career in digital marketing, and I’ve not looked back since. I now work in the digital team of the luxury menswear company, Sunspel. I love it.

At roughly the same time that my career was having its crazy U-turn, I started The Crafty Gentleman blog. Its first guise was a Tumblr account, full of reblogged photos of pretty much anything creative that I liked the look of. Occasionally, I’d share a blurry photograph of something I’d crafted – but only occasionally. However, I soon realised that I got a great satisfaction from sharing my crafts online. So, I decided to register The Crafty Gentleman on WordPress and – voila! – the blog you’re reading right now was created!

Since then, I’ve been lucky enough to get involved in some really exciting projects, all thanks to this little website that I started 2 years ago on a whim – you can read more about some of these projects, here. I seriously love running my blog; I love creating things for it, I love writing it, I love reading other blogs, I love the whole thing. I hope you do too 🙂 – Mike.

The Crafty Gentleman blog | DIY and craft blog for men | Mike Aspinall | Canon camera

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