DIY autumn dried fruit wall hanging
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DIY dried fruit hanging (happy autumn!)

AUTUMN IS HERE! I blooming love autumn, especially the start of it. We’ve got the lingering warmth of summer, but the excitement of Halloween and, dare I say it, Christmas (!) starting to appear on the horizon. It’s definitely a special time of year. It’s also that time of year when the pumpkin spiced lattes start appearing… With this in mind, I was inspired to bring a bit of that autumn spice into my home, with a DIY dried fruit…

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DIY clay car hanging
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Car lover? Make this DIY car hanging

I remember getting my first car – an electric blue Nissan Micra (don’t laugh), 8 years old, 70,000+ miles on the meter, with no electric windows or AC and lacking in horsepower to the extent that I sometimes struggled to get up steep hills. I loved it. I drove it with such pride and kept it spotlessly clean, I was just so happy to have my very own car! I’ve since outgrown my little Micra and have worked my way through a…

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DIY tweed wallet
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6 cool DIY tweed projects to try

Ahh, tweed. It’s my favourite of all the fabrics. Not only does it look amazing, it’s also perfect for crafting. Tough and hard-wearing, but comfortable and easy to work with. And the best bit? Because the fabric is so durable, DIY tweed projects should last for a very long time, even after lots of use. Go tweed! Here’s a roundup of some of my favourite tweed projects I’ve seen out there on the web. DIY Tweed Bottle Cover Give me a bottle of…

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Rob Foster, The Old Tamarack handmade cosmetics
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Man Crafts: The Old Tamarack

For this month’s Man Crafts feature, I’m welcoming Robert Foster to the blog to talk about his online business, The Old Tamarack. Rob is a full-time editor at a legal company, but runs his business as a part-time side project. The Old Tamarack sells a whole range of botanical colognes, perfumes, hair products and more – all of which are handmade by Rob in his Brooklyn apartment. Having started out just two years ago, he’s now made hundreds of sales…

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August roundup

Okay, so how is August over already?! It feels like the summer has not long begun! Although I’ve got to admit, I am pretty excited for autumn… Anyway, here’s a recap of what’s been happening on The Crafty Gentleman over August. I kicked off the month by chatting to Robert Boyer, to learn all about his ceramics business. I’m still a bit obsessed with his work – especially those mugs! August is the month of barbecues, so I shared some…

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All purpose BBQ spice rub recipe
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Try this epic BBQ spice rub recipe

The dog days of summer are nearly over, so it’s time to soak up the last of it with that barbecue you’ve been putting off! This bank holiday weekend is the perfect excuse. Whether you’re hosting a barbecue, or just attending one (or even if you just want to have something extra tasty for your dinner tonight), this all-purpose BBQ spice rub recipe is guaranteed to wow. It’s full of flavour, from smoky paprika to spicy chilli, it’s peppery and…

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Sherwood forest, Nottingham
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On staying motivated when under pressure

Lately, I’ve been pouring more and more time into this blog. Whilst it’s not a full time thing (at the moment it’s simply a hobby), my readership is really starting to increase – which is very exciting! I love crafting, and I love my blog. Thank you to everyone who continues to read, comment and enjoy my crafty adventures! However, I’ve found that it can be difficult to balance a regularly updated blog, alongside a full time career and trying…

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DIY handmade camera strap
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How to make a personalised DIY camera strap

If you follow my Instagram, you’ll have seen that I recently got a brand-spanking new camera, woohoo! I’m literally obsessed with it. I’ve been taking photos of everything! Photos when I’m out and about, photos of random stuff around my flat, photos for the blog, photos of friends… yep, I’m obsessed. The only niggling annoyance I had with it was the camera strap – I wasn’t too keen on the massive “Canon” logo turning my neck into a walking advertisement,…

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