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Mid century modern Scandinavian style living room
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Behind the scenes: new house update

Eeeeek I’m so excited for this blog post! Why? Because I’m going to be taking you on a little tour around my new house! We’ve not finished decorating (or even unpacking…) yet, but I couldn’t resist giving you a quick update on our progress so far. But before we start the tour, let’s back it up a little… last April, Gareth (my partner) and I set the ball rolling with buying our very first house. We settled on a new…

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Scandi mid century living room | The Crafty Gentleman
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House progress: Living room inspiration

Over the past few months, I feel like I’ve alternated between super productive blogging extraordinaire… and then completely dropping off the radar and not blogging for a week or so. It’s the first time in my blogging career (is it a career?!) that I’ve lost my flow and consistency with it all. However, there is a reason! Well, several actually. First up – I’ve been super busy with other creative projects (for example, my seminars with Etsy took a lot…

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How to make a DIY vertical garden wall succulent frame
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How to make a vertical garden

Have you noticed the recent trend of vertical gardens and living walls? They’re an awesome way to bring life into your home in a pretty unusual way. Just take a look at what David Brenner did for the San Francisco Museum of Art! Today, I’m working with the awesome team at MannKraft to bring you a method for making your own (scaled-down) vertical garden display for your home. The MannKraft team came up with a simple-to-make mini succulent garden using…

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DIY geometric mathematical cushion cover
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Make a mathematical cushion cover (with a minimalist geometric design)

If you aren’t a regular reader, you might not know that I’m actually a massive nerd, with a Master’s degree in Chemistry. My school years were spent studying maths and science, which then progressed to college and University – you can read more about this, here. Luckily, my partner is a bit of a maths nerd too (he’s actually a Maths teacher), so last Christmas I got to indulge my inner geek by making these mathematical cushion covers as a…

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How to make simple leather drinks coasters

I’m starting a new tag on the blog today – 15 minute DIY! (If you don’t know what a tag is, it’s just a way to group together similar blog articles and content via a clickable link attached to each relevant blog post. You can see the tags on a post at the very end.). I’ll use this new tag to group together all of the simple and quick DIY tutorials I share on my blog – because sometimes all you want is a…

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DIY Copper Desk Tidy tutorial
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Make a DIY copper pipe desk tidy!

News flash: I’m a clean freak! I love tidiness. Yep, that probably makes me a bit of a loser – but it’s like my brain just won’t function when my work space is a mess. Surely I’m not alone on this… right?! Anyway, this love of tidiness has made me develop a bit of an obsession with decorative ways to keep things spick and span. I’ve already shared a few DIY projects ​on this theme (like my DIY pegboard and…

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DIY mosaic effect wall art - 1985 by George Orwell
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Make mosaic effect DIY wall art with Polaroids

I don’t talk about it too much on the blog, but I’m a bit of a literature geek. I love the old classics, from H.G.Wells’ sci-fi and Jules Verne’s adventures, to the romances of Jane Austen and the Brontes. But my favourite of them all, is 1984 by George Orwell. I must have been about 16 when I first read it, and it absolutely amazed me. I’d never been so compelled, so in awe and yet so ultimately terrified by…

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Upcycled coffee table from old drawers
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Upcycle old drawers into a DIY coffee table!

I’m loving woodwork projects lately, I’ve been trying out loads of DIY ideas – I’m hooked! When I spoke to DIY expert George Oliphant the other week, we got chatting about making coffee tables. He’d just finished making one from an old games table, whilst I was midway through making the one you can see in the photos. I actually started making this table a couple of months ago, so it’s been in progress for ages! This isn’t because it’s…

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