DIY Nordic geometric wall art
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Make your own Nordic wall art

Since moving to a new flat last month, I’ve had a really annoying blank space on my bedroom wall, just itching to be filled. I initially planned on buying a large art print from Etsy or at a local craft fair, but the DIY bug bit me again and I decided to make my own (of course!). I’ve been really inspired by Nordic designs lately, everything from Scandinavian food to the more ubiquitous Ikea innovations. There’s just something so quirky, yet…

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Tips on how to draw
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Simple tips on how to draw (and digitise your sketches)

Not many people know this about me, but I love drawing. I practically spent my whole childhood churning out drawing after drawing; anything from dinosaurs and monsters, to animals and buildings. I even remember a few cringe-worthy attempts at a self portrait (!). I still have most of my drawings stored somewhere in the depths of my Mum’s loft – it’s nice having a look through them from time to time. Sadly, as I’ve grown up and the responsibilities of adult…

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