Eeek! I’m SO pleased to share that I’ve been shortlisted as a finalist in the Mollie Makes Handmade Awards 2018! 😀 Yep, that’s the same Mollie Makes who invited me live on stage at the Handmade Fair last month. They’ve also commissioned me to write an article for one of their upcoming magazines (I’ll share more when it’s released). There’s a whole lotta Mollie activity going on here at The Crafty Gentleman studio!

The Mollie Makes Handmade Awards 2018

Mollie Makes runs the Handmade Awards every year – and they’ve previously been won my some pretty big names. People like Nicki McWilliams, Joanne Hawker and Zeena Shaw. I’m ridiculously excited at the possibility of winning such a recognised and prestigious craft award!

The Handmade Champion Award

This year, there’s a new(ish*) category in town: the Handmade Champion Award. It’s a little bit different to the other awards, which focus on specific products or services that people offer. (*The Handmade Champion Award was a category back in 2016, but it wasn’t available in last year’s awards.)

In the words of Mollie Makes, the Handmade Champion Award is for “someone promoting, supporting and championing all things handmade“. I’m super chuffed that they’ve included me in this category. It’s great to be recognised for how passionate I am about encouraging handmade crafts! 🙂

The Awards Day is nearly here…

There’s less than a week until the Mollie Makes Handmade Awards day. Ahh! As part of the day, I’ve been invited to a central London location to present my business to a panel of judges.

And these aren’t just any old judges. Oh no. They’re a pretty awesome bunch.

Included in the panel are: Keith Brymer-Jones (pottery expert of the BBC’s Great Pottery Throwdown fame), Zoe Pearson (head of Marketing for Pinterest UK), Anna-Denise Floor (Head of Etsy Europe), Kat Molesworth (creator of Blogtacular), Fiona Humberstone (founder of The Brand Stylist) and Catherine Nice (expert Graphic Print Designer). I legit don’t know what I’m more excited for… the award, or the chance to hang out with such a cool bunch of creatives!

As well as presenting to the panel, I’ve also been told that the day will include plenty of creative fun too! (It is Mollie Makes, after all… I’d expect nothing else! 😉 ). I’m sooo excited for it! As you guys know, a day of crafting with fellow makers is basically my dream activity. You can check out the full list of finalists here. I’ve clearly got some very strong competition – so please wish me luck!

A huge thank you to Mollie Makes and the panel for shortlisting me as a finalist. I’m SO HAPPY simply to have made it this far and have the chance to attend the awards day. I’ll be sure to let you guys know how it goes! 🙂