DIY wooden house number sign

DIY house number tutorial DIY house number tutorial DIY house number tutorial


Despite all the progress we’ve been making on our new house (check out my updates herehere and here if you missed them), there has been one preeetty big thing we’ve only just managed to get sorted. Yep, that’s right – we’ve only just got around to putting up a house number by our front door! For months, we’ve had a piece of paper on the door as the only way to direct guests to our door… oh the shame!

Why the long wait, you might be thinking? Good question. Basically, I did some research into house signs and thought that most of the ones you can buy are pretty boring – and the ones I like were cray expensive. Not good. So, I did what any self-respecting craft blogger would do… I whipped out my jigsaw and made my own!

DIY house number sign


Supplies and equipment

DIY house number tutorial DIY house number tutorial DIY house number tutorial


  1. Start off by creating templates for your DIY house numbers. You can either choose a font that you love and print the numbers from a computer (just try and keep the font quite simple so you can cut it out easily), or you could freehand sketch them. I sketched mine, but however you choose to do it, just make sure you use a medium weight card and cut out the templates as neatly as possible.
  2. With your house number templates created, it’s time to transfer them to wood. Simply hold them against your timber and neatly trace around the edges with a pencil. Make sure the lines are nice and clear, so you have a clear guide to follow in the next step.
  3. To cut out your house numbers, securely clamp the wood onto a suitable workbench and use a jigsaw to carefully cut along the pencil lines you’ve made. If your house numbers are quite difficult to cut, like an 8 or 2, then try and practise first on some scrap timber – and go very slowly! On the other hand, if you have easy numbers, like a 1 or 7, you could possibly even cut them out with a hand saw.
  4. With the numbers now cut out, you’ll need to neaten them up. Simply use sandpaper or an electric sander to smooth down the edges (start with a high grit paper, then move gradually down to a smoother paper).
  5. When the edges and corners are all smoothed out, you need to treat the wood so that it doesn’t rot when it gets wet. Choose a suitable wood preserver for your needs (I used this Cuprinol one which is a great all-rounder) and apply it to the surface of the wood, as per the instructions on the tin.
  6. Once the wood is treated and fully dry, you can paint or stain your DIY house number if you want to. I painted the sides and front face of mine different colours (I used Frog Tape to ensure the paint line was nice and crisp). I chose a bright white and bold blue, as I thought this would look good against the pale grey of my front door – and it kinda matches the colour scheme of my home, too. You gotta think these things through! 🙂 It took me 4 coats of paint to get the colours looking really strong and even.
  7. Finally, with your house numbers painted and ready to go, fix them to the wall with a hidden wall mount. I’ve found that these ones work perfectly – you simply drill one part to the wall and one part to the wood, then they slot together and stay completely hidden from view.

DIY house number tutorial


Woohoo! I’m beyond psyched with how these DIY house numbers turned out. I don’t mean to brag, but they do make my house look like the coolest on the street… 🙂 Every time I return home, they make me want to do a celebratory fist punch! And if that’s not a great welcome home, then I don’t know what is. Happy DIY’ing! – Mike.

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  • Tom Woolstencroft
    September 3, 2019 at 5:01 pm

    Nice concept, it could really cut the cost because you won’t be buying it from a store.

    • Mike
      September 4, 2019 at 2:36 pm

      Thanks! And I think it looks a lot better than any store-bought ones I’ve seen… but I guess I’m a little biased 😉 – Mike.


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