Tips for a cosy autumn home
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Six tips for a cosy autumn home

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have no doubt seen me harking on about how much I love autumn. It’s true! This is my favourite time of year by far. One of my favourite autumn traditions is updating my home decor for the season. That’s why I’m so excited to be partnering with both Essence of Harris and the Tartan Blanket Co for this post, who have autumn decor down to a fine art. Read on to learn my…

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The Crafty Gentleman video with Heart Internet
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I’ve been nominated for a blog award!

YOU GUYS! I’VE BEEN NOMINATED FOR A BLOGGING AWARD! YAAAAY! Okay, I’ll stop with the all-caps now. Anyway, as I was saying, I’ve been nominated in the Dotcomgiftshop Blog Awards 2017. How cool is that? I’ve been selected as as one of the best craft blogs, along with twelve other awesome crafters. Woohoo! If you want to get straight to it, then scroll down to see how you can vote for me – you will even be entered into a competition…

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Make your own light up Haunted House decoration
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Light up DIY Haunted House decoration

Even though I LOVE Halloween to crazy levels, I’m a massive wimp when it comes to anything actually scary… Horror movies? Hell no. Heights? No thanks. Spiders and snakes? Nope, I’m outta there. But there’s just something about the playful creepiness of Halloween that I can’t get enough of. My latest DIY project is a good mix of the two: creepy, but in a totally-not-scary, just for fun kinda way. Just how I like it! I made this light up DIY…

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DIY wooden pumpkin with neon lights Halloween decoration
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DIY wooden pumpkin with neon lights

Guys, this is not a drill… Halloween is in less than a month! I feel like I’ve been waiting for it for months, then, bam – it’s upon us. I’ve already started seeing pumpkins appear in the supermarkets, which makes me happier than a spoilt kid on Christmas. At long last, I can blab on about my love of Halloween without weirding people out! (Because yes, I do like to talk about Halloween from as early as July…). I know…

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Life lately… September 2017

Whoa, September has been a busy ol’ month! In some respects, it’s zoomed by… but I also cannot believe quite how much has happened in just four weeks. It was definitely a month of two halves. I started off in full-on summer mode, reminiscing about my San Francisco holiday. But now we’re at the end of the month, I’m definitely in the autumn zone. I’m day dreaming of pumpkins and golden brown leaves!    Like I say, way back at the start…

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Handmade DIY autumn wreath
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Handmade autumn wreath tutorial

Happy autumn equinox, guys! This weekend (Friday 22nd, to be precise) marks the official start of autumn… YAY! I bloody love this time of year. The leaves are starting to fall from the trees, golden orange and brown. The sun is low in the sky and there’s a chill in the air. The knitwear is dug out from the back of the wardrobe (at last!). Pumpkins, chestnuts, damsons and figs are in season. Not to mention that little old thing…

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DIY cushion with piping
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How to make a DIY cushion with piping detail

I remember waaay back in early High School, when I first used a sewing machine. Looking back, it was probably a pretty basic machine, and I’m sure that I was useless at using it to start with – but that didn’t matter, because I loved it. As a young, naïve, budding crafter, my mind was blown at the sheer possibilities of the machine sitting in front of me! I could sew fabrics together! The only limit was my imagination! (and…

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Yosemite National Park travel video
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Yosemite National Park travel video

Yosemite Valley is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to. Looming sequoia trees tower above you as the sun filters through the canopy, peaceful streams trickle by and wildlife is abundant in every direction you look. In my Yosemite National Park travel vlog, you can follow along as I hike to Yosemite Falls, Half Dome village, El Capitan and more of the top sights in Yosemite Valley. We were only in Yosemite National Park for one day, but we…

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