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Holiday to Iceland and Toronto
in Life

Time for an adventure!

The magic of the Northern Lights, the mystery of the Blue Lagoon, the adventure of the mountains… I’m going to Iceland baby!! At the time of writing this blog post, I’m just packing together the last of my bits and bobs ready to leave for the airport tomorrow (Thursday) morning. We’re staying in Reykjavik for 4 nights, but the adventure doesn’t end there! We’re heading straight from Iceland to Canada, then spending 4 nights in Toronto. It’s gonna be incredible!…

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Knitted cafetiere cosy pattern
in DIY + Crafts, Knitting

Knitted cafetiere cosy with striped pattern

You can’t beat a good coffee, right? I’m a bit particular about mine… I use fresh coffee beans, which I grind in my own coffee grinder and measure out with a specific spoon. I then brew them carefully in my, with water just off the boil, for about 4 minutes. A quick stir, plunge and pour. SO GOOD. But you know the one thing that I can’t quite manage? Keeping the coffee warm! Seriously, it’s gone lukewarm within 5 minutes…

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in roundup

March roundup

March is always a pretty good month, right? The evenings are just starting to get longer (not to mention warmer!) and the summer is just becoming visible on the horizon. However this March in particular has been an extra exciting one! Check out my roundup below to get up to speed on what’s been happening this month on The Crafty Gentleman blog. Right, first thing’s first – I was offered a magazine deal! Read more about it here then check…

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Urban Chic magazine
in Interviews, Life

Interview with Jessie from Urban Chic magazine

Last week, I revealed that I’ve been offered a magazine column in a new magazine called Urban Chic. If you didn’t see it, then go check out that post first! Anyway, I thought I should shed a bit more light onto what the magazine is all about, how/why I got involved, and who else I’m working with. Who best to tell you all this, than the person who started it all up?! So, without further ado, here’s what Jessie-Ann Lewis,…

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The Crafty Gentleman and Urban Chic magazine
in Life

I’ve got a column in Urban Chic magazine!

Guys, I’m so psyched to share some exciting news… I’ve been offered a regular column in a home décor and crafts magazine!! It’s a new independent magazine called Urban Chic, and it focusses on affordable ways to make your home awesome. Think: upcycled projects, decor tips, expert interviews and plenty of visual inspiration. I’m going to be the craft and DIY contributor to the mag, writing a column for each edition under the title of The Crafty Gentleman. Pretty darn exciting, right?! You can check…

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Hop Shots beer: a Man Crafts interview with Jason Booth
in Interviews

Man Crafts interview: Hop Shots beer kits

For this month’s Man Crafts feature, we’re talking beer! I’m welcoming Jason Booth, from Hop Shots, to talk about his online business selling dry-hop kits. First established in September 2013, Hop Shots has grown to become a full-time job for Jason. Not sure what the heck dry-hopping is? Check out the interview below to learn all… Man Crafts: interview with Jason Booth from Hop Shots Hello! Before we talk about your business, tell me a little bit about yourself – where are you from and what…

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Thorntons chocolate factory 3
in Life

Behind the scenes: a chocolate masterclass and rough terrain

Not to sound dramatic or anything, but my life right now feels like a crazy whirlwind of never-ending busyness, projects, to-do lists and just general stuff. I’ve got some really BIG plans brewing that I cannot blooming wait to tell you about! I promise to reveal them very soon (yes, I’ve said that about 4 times now, but seriously – big news coming soon!!), so watch this space… Anyway, I thought it would be fun to share a little snippet…

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How to make a giant paper mache Easter egg cup
in DIY + Crafts, Easter, Easter, Paper

Make a giant papier mâché Easter egg cup

I’m all about the fancy craft techniques. Some of my favourite DIY projects have been quite complex, such as my leather and tweed travel documents holder, or my tweed patchwork cushion. However, sometimes I just like to go riiiight back to my childhood and play with the fun, messy and imperfect types of crafts – like papier mâché! And when better to do this, than Easter? Just as families across the land are prepping Easter egg hunts and cornflake chocolate nests, I…

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