DIY magazine holder
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Collab with ManMade (how to make a DIY magazine rack)

This week, I got to collaborate with one of my all-time favourite bloggers, Chris Gardner of ManMade. I’ve been following this blog for years now, so it’s cool to see my work featured on it! The work I refer to is a guest tutorial for a DIY magazine rack. I used a few pieces of unpainted wood and some lightweight denim to create a pretty rustic, minimalist feeling piece. Check out the full DIY and photos over on ManMade now. I’ll also…

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Upcycled coffee table from old drawers
in DIY + Crafts, Interiors, Wood

Upcycle old drawers into a DIY coffee table!

I’m loving woodwork projects lately, I’ve been trying out loads of DIY ideas – I’m hooked! When I spoke to DIY expert George Oliphant the other week, we got chatting about making coffee tables. He’d just finished making one from an old games table, whilst I was midway through making the one you can see in the photos. I actually started making this table a couple of months ago, so it’s been in progress for ages! This isn’t because it’s…

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Make a DIY pegboard with a geometric colour block
in DIY + Crafts, Home décor, Interiors, Wood

Make your own DIY pegboard!

Big news guys, I finally took the plunge into the world of power tools the other week… I bought a power drill! This was a long-overdue purchase. I now feel like a superhero; a whole new area of crafting has been opened up to me. I’ve been more and more interested in woodwork over the past few months, so this new gadget is going to enable me to create much more ambitious DIYs. I wasted no time in getting stuck in…

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DIY Upcycled Pallet Crate
in DIY + Crafts, Wood

DIY Upcycled Pallet Crate (no power tools!)

Upcycled pallet crafts have exploded over the past couple of years – and it’s no wonder why! Pallets are a cheap – or often, free – source of strong, quality wood (remember, they are designed to hold large weights so are built to last). Their physical dimensions are really versatile; the long slabs can be deconstructed, joined together or shortened to create loads of things. In fact, with nothing more than some basic tools and a bit of elbow grease,…

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