Easy spiced toffee sauce recipe
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Easy spiced toffee sauce recipe (video)

Oh man, my sweet tooth is definitely coming out of hibernation. I’m not sure if it’s the Christmas ads, the cold weather or just pure old fashioned gluttony… but I’m loving the sweet treats lately! What’s more, since attending the School of Artisan Food the other month (read about that, here), I’ve been eager to try out a few variations on some of the skills I was taught. The time has finally come! Inspired by the spiced autumn flavours that…

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Malted cinder toffee - click for recipe | The Crafty Gentleman
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An irresistible malted cinder toffee recipe…

The other week, I told you guys all about my trip to The School of Artisan Food. Basically, I spent the day in their fancy kitchens, learning how to make a selection of incredible confectionary, from fruit jellies to salted caramel. It was ace! Well… I’m really excited to now share of those recipes exclusively with you guys! This recipe is for malted cinder toffee, which is a really brittle and crunchy form of toffee, similar to honeycomb. The addition…

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Christmas gingerbread lebkuchen recipe
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Gingerbread lebkuchen recipe: the ultimate Christmas treat!

Who doesn’t love gingerbread at Christmas time? It’s the perfect sweet treat to go with a mug of chai tea or cocoa (which is what Christmas is all about, right?!). As well as gingerbread, I’ve also been pretty addicted to lebkuchen this winter. Lebkuchen is basically a softer, slightly more cakey version of classic gingerbread. Traditionally, it’s finished with a thin glaze of icing and flavoured with ground nuts and spices. So yeah, it’s pretty damn good. I thought I’d have…

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Hot spiced tea cocktail
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Hot spiced tea punch (with rum!)

You know what I love about the winter months? Mulled wine! Although probably not in the way you think… I actually don’t like the taste of it (I find it pretty heavy and sickly), but I LOVE the smell! The warmth of the spices, mixed with the sharpness of booze, is the perfect combo. This winter, I thought I’d have a go at a mulled wine alternative. It has the same warming aroma, but with a flavour that’s a bit more suited to…

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Spiced red wine chutney recipe
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Spiced red wine chutney recipe (with Woodwork wine)

Whoa, am I the only one that thinks it’s getting pretty darn cold lately?! The scarf and gloves are definitely out of hibernation! With all this chilliness, I thought I’d make up a batch of spiced red wine chutney to add a bit of warmth to my meals. I’ve packed it with apple, onion, raisins, dates and spices galore… but the real star of the show is the wine. Woodwork wine, to be precise. Woodwork is the latest release from…

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Damson Jam recipe
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Damson jam recipe

One of the best things about autumn is the food! Pumpkins, blackberries, spices like cinnamon and nutmeg, warm cider, apple pies, butternut squash… it’s surely the best time of year for food?! Except Christmas, I guess. But it’s close! One of the many fruits that’s perfectly in season at this time of year, are damsons. They’re similar to plums, just a little smaller, with a really intense purple skin and tart, sour flavour. The greengrocers are full of them right now…

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