How to make round Easter Egg cushions. Click the through for full tutorial and more Easter craft projects.
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How to make round Easter Egg cushions

  I’ve been seeing a load of circular cushions popping up on blogs and decor sites lately. Are they the new cool?? I hope so – I like them! Since I’m a bit of a cushion-making fanatic, I thought I’d try putting my own twist on the circular cushion trend. I’ve altered the shape slightly and made my own DIY Easter Egg cushion. So festive! 😛 To give my Easter Egg cushion a bit of extra dimension, I used a panel…

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Make your own Easter Egg stickers using this really easy method! Easter crafts and DIY. Click through for more.
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Make your own Easter Egg stickers!

I don’t know about you, but for me Easter means two things: chocolate and crafts! Although I also feel the same about Christmas… and Halloween… maybe I have a chocolate-eating-craft-making problem?! Anyway, one thing that sets Easter apart for me, is that it’s a lot more light-hearted than the other seasons. There’s just something about it that I feel lends itself to fun, simple and easy-going craft projects. 🙂 With this in mind, I turned to my trusty Cricut to…

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How to make DIY Fabric Flowers using the Cricut Maker - click through for full tutorial and step by step photos
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How to Make DIY Fabric Flowers

Here in the UK, it’s Mother’s Day next weekend. I usually buy my mum some flowers and make her a handmade card – but this year, I’ve done something a little different… I’ve made some DIY fabric flowers! I always kinda resent buying fresh flowers, since they inevitably die after a few weeks (please tell me I’m not the only one who thinks this?!). But there’s no chance of her flowers dying this year – they’ll be fresh and colourful forever!…

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How to make a giant paper mache Easter egg cup
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Make a giant papier mâché Easter egg cup

I’m all about the fancy craft techniques. Some of my favourite DIY projects have been quite complex, such as my leather and tweed travel documents holder, or my tweed patchwork cushion. However, sometimes I just like to go riiiight back to my childhood and play with the fun, messy and imperfect types of crafts – like papier mâché! And when better to do this, than Easter? Just as families across the land are prepping Easter egg hunts and cornflake chocolate nests, I…

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DIY Easter decoration: make an Easter basket nest from rope
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DIY Easter decorations: make a nest from rope

Is anyone else noticing that the slightly smaller seasons like Easter and Halloween seem to be getting bigger and bigger each year? They’re fast approaching Christmas-scale proportions! Take Easter for example: the other day, I actually saw Easter greetings cards…! What’s happening to the world?! Now, I don’t think I’m quite ready for Easter greetings cards just yet, but one thing I can get on board with is DIY Easter decorations. After all, Easter is typically a time when families…

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Hot cross buns recipe with a twist: chocolate cinnamon swirl, fudge and raisins
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Hot cross buns recipes… with a twist

It’s finally happening! The endless darkness of winter is coming to a close, and people across the land are peeking out from their chunky knits to blink upwards at that weird yellow thing in the sky… Spring has sprung! To celebrate this momentous shift in the seasons, I’ve whipped up a batch of delicious hot cross buns. But, before you dismiss this amongst the flood of other hot cross buns recipes you’ve seen, let me point out that these ones…

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