How to make a felt fajita burrito
in DIY + Crafts, Sewing

Try this: how to make a felt fajita

If I were to describe my style (and the style of The Crafty Gentleman blog) in a few words, I guess I’d say: classic and gentlemanly, with a touch of quirky. However, it’s sometimes good to throw caution to the wind and do something a completely random and different. So that’s exactly what I’ve done with this project. Yep. I made a felt fajita! Although I made this as a novelty gift for a friend, it would also make a…

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DIY tweed moustache handwarmer - click through for more
in DIY + Crafts, Sewing

DIY tweed hand warmer (moustache shaped!)

Crikey, it’s a bit cold isn’t it?! Here in the UK, the frosty winter mornings have been sweeping across the country – and Brits have been responding in style, with wooly jumpers and bobble hats galore. I don’t know about you, but I actually love the cold weather. I like wrapping up warm and going for a walk over frozen terrain. But you know what I don’t like? Cold hands! Ain’t nobody got time for that. That’s why I whipped…

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DIY felt holly leaf garland
in Christmas, DIY + Crafts, Sewing

Make a felt holly leaf garland this Christmas

For me, Christmas is all about the crafting. Handmade gifts, home-cooked meals and crafted decorations, all to the backdrop of some festive tunes… what could be better?! As you might of seen, I recently had the chance to share some of my handmade Christmas decorations on Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas – so I thought it would be good to show how I made them, in case you wanted to give them a try! One of my favourite pieces I made for the show is my…

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DIY key ring leather and felt tutorial
in DIY + Crafts, Leather, Sewing

Leather and felt DIY keyring

Ever get the feeling that you’re drowning in fabric offcuts? Yep, me too. I literally have boxes full of the stuff! Cotton, felt, tweed, leather, silk, denim… you name it, I probably have a scrap of it somewhere. Well, I’ve recently got my hands on the bestselling book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying (seriously, go check it out if you’ve not heard of it – it’s amazing!) and I’m starting to work my way through it. If the book lives…

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DIY Macbook cover satchel inspired | Click for tutorial
in DIY + Crafts, Sewing

Satchel inspired DIY Macbook cover

As a full time digital marketer and a part time blogger, my life revolves around my technology. When I’m not snapping photos on my SLR, I’m busy typing away on my laptop or reading emails on my phone. Sometimes, it’s quite nice to break the routine of sitting at my desk to work, so I’ve recently got into the habit of heading out to local coffee shops with my Macbook and spending a few hours working on blog posts there….

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