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Minimal Christmas wreath doodle - Cricut Explore Air
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Christmas Wreath colouring in doodle (FREE DOWNLOAD)

I’m spoiling you guys this week – first with my Cricut giveaway, and now with a FREE Christmas download! ‘Tis the season and all! But before I tell you how to download the colouring in sheet, I wanted to share a little about how I made this design using Cricut Design Space. If you’ve not heard of it before, Cricut Design Space is the software used to control a electronic cutting machine called a Cricut. Cricuts are sooooo cool –…

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Personalised christmas jumper decorations with Cricut Explore Air DIY
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DIY personalised Christmas jumper decorations

Last weekend, I had some friends round to stay for a couple of nights. It was the first time in freaking aaaages that I’ve seen them, and it was awesome! We spent the weekend browsing Christmas markets, scoffing homemade pizza and catching up. Perfect weekend really. As a little welcome gift for when they came to stay, I decided to make some DIY Christmas jumper decorations. I do think it’s little things like this that make guests feel extra welcome when they visit. I even personalised their decorations with…

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Mini Christmas wreath decoration DIY
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Mini Christmas wreath decorations DIY

Craft inspiration can come from the most unlikely of places. Take these mini Christmas wreath decorations, for instance. Can you guess what they’re made from? Curtain rings! Yep, those little hoops that are used to hang curtains onto a curtain rod. Turns out that they’re the ideal size for mini Christmas decorations! I’ve had a bunch of these curtain rings stored in my studio since we moved in to our new house last year. They’ve been patiently waiting for months, just waiting for…

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Embroidered Christmas cushion DIY craft project
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Embroidered Christmas cushions DIY

When we moved into our new-build house last year, we intentionally kept it pretty neutral. Bright white walls, grey carpets, no loud colours or patterns. We wanted to create a blank canvas, so we could interpret the house differently through the year (for example, we did this in the autumn). Now that Christmas is well and truly upon us, it’s time to update our house for the festive season! As well as the obvious (Christmas tree, decorations etc), I also…

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Easy DIY Christmas decorations with wooden beads
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Easy DIY Christmas decorations with wooden beads (video)

It’s almost that time of year… mince pies, festive films and a whole lotta Christmas crafting! Of all the Christmas crafts, I think tree decorations are probably where you can have the most fun. There’s no need to make them overly intricate or complicated; simple, easy designs often work the best! This year, I was inspired to make these very easy DIY Christmas decorations with wooden beads. I tend to go for a rustic wooden theme at Christmas, accented with bold pops…

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DIY geometric clock made from wood
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How to make a geometric wooden clock

Have you ever tried a woodwork project before? Or has the thought of thought of using jig saws, electric sanders, mitre saws and other power tools put you off? If it’s the latter, then don’t worry – I used to be just the same. I thought I’d inevitably end up with a messy, unprofessional looking project (and probably lose a few fingers in the process). But you know what? I started small, and gradually built up my skills (and confidence). I’m now a…

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Easy mens scarf knitting pattern
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Easy mens scarf knitting pattern

Guys, I think I might be the world’s slowest knitter. I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve been working on this scarf since my trip to Iceland last year – that’s over 18 months! Okay, so I obviously haven’t been working very hard on this project; just adding the odd row every now and then. But still, 18 months to knit a scarf?! Major kudos to people who can whip them up in a day or two! However, since it’s been such a long time…

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DIY fabric santa advent calendar - Click through for more
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DIY Fabric Santa Advent Calendar

It’s officially here… my first Christmas blog post of 2017! (Well, if you don’t count Christmas in August, that is). I’m VERY excited to finally share my DIY fabric Santa advent calendar! I’ve been working on this guy on-and-off for a fortnight. If you’ve seen any of my Instagram Stories recently, you might have caught a few sneak peeks… but I’ve been dying to show you more! I’m so happy with how my Santa advent calendar has come out. He’s probably one of the most involved…

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