Mini Christmas wreath decoration DIY Mini Christmas wreath decoration DIY Mini Christmas wreath decoration DIY

Craft inspiration can come from the most unlikely of places. Take these mini Christmas wreath decorations, for instance. Can you guess what they’re made from? Curtain rings! Yep, those little hoops that are used to hang curtains onto a curtain rod. Turns out that they’re the ideal size for mini Christmas decorations!

I’ve had a bunch of these curtain rings stored in my studio since we moved in to our new house last year. They’ve been patiently waiting for months, just waiting for their moment to shine. I knew they were too useful to throw out… See, hoarding can have its benefits!

I used my goodies from the Trimcraft bloggers day to make these wreaths. I was spoilt for choice when it came to ribbons and festive embellishments! You can find the mini bows I used on Amazon HERE, and there’s loads of ribbon and twine available from Hobbycraft and Etsy.

Mini Christmas wreath decoration DIY

Mini Christmas wreath decorations DIY


  • Curtain rings (available on Amazon or from DIY shops)
  • Ribbon
  • Festive embellishments, like bows or buttons
  • Twine or string
  • Strong double sided sticky tape (or glue)
  • Scissors

Mini Christmas wreath decoration DIY Mini Christmas wreath decoration DIY


Start by sticking a piece of double sided sticky tape (or a blob of glue) all around the edge of a curtain ring. Cut a 1m length of ribbon and affix one end to the double sided tape, at the very top of the curtain ring. Start winding the ribbon neatly around the curtain ring, slightly overlapping it so there are no gaps. Keep going until it is completely covered. Trim the excess ribbon and cover the two raw ends (which should be next to each other) with a Christmas embellishment. Mini bows, stickers or buttons work well here! Finally, add a loop of twine and hang it up on the tree.

Mini Christmas wreath decoration DIY

This is a great craft project for a Christmas crafternoon, or to try with kids. They’re really easy and intuitive to make, but there’s unlimited ways you can customise them. Why not raid your local craft shop for ribbon and decorative embellishments, then spend this weekend getting crafty? You could also try making this garland, this origami star and these hanging ornaments. Happy Christmas crafting! – Mike.

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Mini Christmas wreath decoration DIY