Make your own light up Haunted House decoration Make your own light up Haunted House decoration

Even though I LOVE Halloween to crazy levels, I’m a massive wimp when it comes to anything actually scary… Horror movies? Hell no. Heights? No thanks. Spiders and snakes? Nope, I’m outta there. But there’s just something about the playful creepiness of Halloween that I can’t get enough of. My latest DIY project is a good mix of the two: creepy, but in a totally-not-scary, just for fun kinda way. Just how I like it!

I made this light up DIY haunted house decoration in about 20 minutes, entirely out of leftover supplies and offcuts. Not bad, hey?! I used my Cricut to cut out the design, but you could definitely do this by hand. All you’d need is a pair of scissors, craft knife and a spare hour. Despite its simplicity, this DIY haunted house decoration has real impact. Just look at how cool it looks when it’s all lit up! Instant Halloween vibes.

Make your own light up Haunted House decoration

Make your own light up Haunted House decoration

A quick note on safety: in these photos, I’ve used real tea lights behind my DIY haunted house decoration. I made sure to place them several inches back from the card, so there’s no risk of it catching fire. However, if I was planning on leaving it burning for any longer, I’d be sure to change them to battery operated lights – and I’d really recommend you do the same. It’s just not worth the risk, people.

Light-up DIY Haunted House decoration



Start by cutting out your haunted house shape. If you’re doing this with a Cricut, it couldn’t be easier – just choose the design and press go! If you’re cutting it by hand, simply sketch the haunted house (or print a template), then cut it out carefully with scissors and a craft knife. Either way, you’ll want to choose a design with lots of windows to let the candlelight shine through.

Make your own light up Haunted House decoration

With the haunted house shape cut out, you need to add a sturdy base. I simply picked out a small off cut of wood from this recent DIY post, then stuck it on with strong glue (I folded some of the card underneath, for extra stability). However, if you don’t have any wood pieces available, you could also use thick cardboard. All you need is something that will enable the DIY haunted house to stand upright, without falling over.

Make your own light up Haunted House decoration

Once you’ve added your base – you’ve finished! Told you it was easy, didn’t I? Add some tea lights behind the haunted house, then admire the creepy glow that it casts over your room… Happy Halloween! – Mike.

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This spooky paper cut Haunted House decoration can be back lit with tea light candles, for an eerie glow! Learn how to make it on my blog now - click through for this and more Halloween crafts