How to make fabric bunting from old shirts 4 How to make fabric bunting from old shirts

Guys, can you believe that it’s nearly September? Where the heck did August go?! The months might be whizzing by, but the summer isn’t over just yet – so let’s squeeze out the last drops of sunshine vibes! To help with this, I’ve whipped up this simple tutorial to make your own DIY fabric bunting. Perfect for those final barbecues of the year in the dog days of summer!

The best bit about this tutorial is that it makes use of old, tatty clothes and fabric scraps. So remember all of those clothes that no longer fit you very well? And all of the fabric scraps you’ve been hoarding “just incase”?! It’s time to dig them out and put them to use! I finally made use of some shirts I’ve been keeping hold of since my University days. The shirts are way too small for me now, but I love the prints too much to chuck them!

How to make fabric bunting from old clothes


  • A cereal box, or other piece of scrap card
  • Lots of fabric, ideally cotton or cotton blend (be eco-friendly and upcycle your old clothes, fabric scraps, charity shop finds etc)
  • Air-erasable marker or tailor’s chalk
  • Fabric scissors
  • Wide bias binding
  • Lots of pins
  • Sewing machine (or needle and thread)

How to make fabric bunting from old shirts


1. Start off by making a template for your DIY bunting. Simply draw a triangle onto some scrap card, then cut it out. You can be really accurate and measure it – or just go freestyle, like I did! The size you choose is up to you, but I would recommend making it at least 10cm wide. Keep in mind that you will lose some of the size when you sew it all together, so add an extra few centimetres to cover this.

2. Next, use the template to draw triangle shapes all over your fabric. Use an air-erasable marker or tailor’s chalk, so that you don’t leave a permanent mark. You will need 2 triangles for each banner on your bunting – so make sure you draw double what you think you need! Once done, cut out all of the shapes.

3. Take two fabric triangles and place them against each other, with the right sides facing in. Pin in place all around the edges. Sew along the two diagonal lines of the triangle to secure the two sides together, leaving the top edge open and un-sewn. Remove the pins as you go.

How to make fabric bunting from old shirts

4. With the two diagonal sides sewn together and pins removed, turn the triangle inside out to hide the seams – you will be left with a raw edge on the top, but we’ll cover this next!

5. Repeat the previous steps, until you’ve sewn all of your fabric triangles into pairs.

6. Now it’s time to string them all together to complete your handmade bunting. Start by pinning each triangle onto some bias binding (this works perfectly, as it comes folded in half along the edge – meaning you can sandwich the triangle inside the binding and hide that ugly raw edge!). Pin the triangles at regular intervals all along the bias binding (leave a bit of excess at the ends so you can tie it up), then simply sew it in place. Once done, remove the pins.

How to make fabric bunting from old shirts

And that’s it! This is one of those fun DIY projects that doesn’t require much planning or thought – sure, it’s a little repetitive, but it’s quite nice to turn your mind off for a while and work on something straightforward. 🙂 (but if you want a summer project that’s a little more involved, take a look at my DIY ring toss game tutorial!).

As always, let me know what you think of this project! I love to read your comments and hear your thoughts. Hope you guys enjoy the final few weeks of summer! – Mike.

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