DIY key ring leather and felt tutorial DIY key ring leather and felt tutorial DIY key ring leather and felt tutorial

Ever get the feeling that you’re drowning in fabric offcuts? Yep, me too. I literally have boxes full of the stuff! Cotton, felt, tweed, leather, silk, denim… you name it, I probably have a scrap of it somewhere. Well, I’ve recently got my hands on the bestselling book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying (seriously, go check it out if you’ve not heard of it – it’s amazing!) and I’m starting to work my way through it. If the book lives up to its reputation, I suspect that my offcuts will be one of many things I’ll be ruthlessly chucking out over the coming months! With this in mind, I thought I’d best get crafting with these fabric offcuts before they make their way to the bin…

My latest DIY is a great way to use up very small fabric offcuts: a simple DIY keychain, made with leather and felt. Leather and felt are definitely two of my favourite materials to work with: they don’t fray, their textures are really unique, and they’re generally quite hard-wearing and durable. Amazingly, I don’t think I’ve ever actually combined these two materials in a single craft project before! Crazy, I know. Well – I’m about to change that, with my awesome DIY keyring tutorial! 🙂

DIY key ring leather and felt tutorial

Leather and felt DIY keyring


  • Felt offcuts
  • Leather offcuts
  • Matching cotton thread
  • Strong fabric glue
  • Metal key ring

DIY key ring leather and felt tutorial


  1. Cut a small felt offcut into a long rectangle, measuring approximately 16 cm x 1.5cm.
  2. Fold the felt rectangle in half lengthways, so it forms a loop, then stitch the ends together with a sewing machine.
  3. Cut a small leather offcut into a long rectangle, measuring half the length of your felt piece (but the same width).
  4. Optional: stitch a small decorative design onto each end of the leather rectangle. I stitched a simple square with a cross through it, to mimic the effect that the leather had been stitched onto the felt.
  5. Using a strong fabric glue, stick one of of the leather onto the end of the felt loop.
  6. Thread the other end of the leather through your metal key ring, then glue the leather to the other side of the felt loop.
  7. Leave the glue to dry fully before using your DIY key ring (you might also want to add a few dabs of glue to the side of the leather, to help it stay in place).

DIY key ring leather and felt tutorial

As with most of my projects, feel free to mix up the colours – and even the materials – that you use in this project. I reckon it would work just as well with denim, heavy cotton, or tweed offcuts (just be sure to hem the edges as those materials like to fray like mad!). Happy crafting! – Mike

Don’t forget to pin this image, so you can try the project later:

Got some fabric offcuts lying around Then why not try making this easy keyring. I used felt and leather, but you can customise with whatever is to hand