DIY Macbook cover satchel inspired | Click for tutorial DIY Macbook cover satchel inspired | Click for tutorial DIY Macbook cover satchel inspired | Click for tutorialDIY Macbook cover satchel inspired | Click for tutorial

As a full time digital marketer and a part time blogger, my life revolves around my technology. When I’m not snapping photos on my SLR, I’m busy typing away on my laptop or reading emails on my phone. Sometimes, it’s quite nice to break the routine of sitting at my desk to work, so I’ve recently got into the habit of heading out to local coffee shops with my Macbook and spending a few hours working on blog posts there. It’s also a good chance to drink awesome coffee and support local independents, so it’s a win-win!

Of course, if I’m taking my Macbook out and about, I want to make sure it’s well protected. That’s why I decided to make this DIY Macbook cover, as a functional way to protect my tech. I got my hands on some thick woollen felt and a few buckles, then managed to sew the whole thing together in one afternoon. The result? A custom made, satchel-inspired, protective cover for my Macbook – I love it! Learn how to make your own with the tutorial below. Don’t forget, you can easily alter the dimensions to fit any laptop or tablet.

DIY Macbook cover satchel inspired | Click for tutorial

Satchel inspired DIY Macbook cover


Supplies you’ll need

  • Thick woollen felt
  • Clip buckles
  • Bulldog clips
  • Tailor’s chalk
  • Contrast fabric (I used yellow tweed)
  • Contrast thread

What to do

  1. Cut your woollen felt to size. You want a piece that’s approximately 2 and a half times the short side of your laptop and about 3 cm wider that it’s width. So for a MacBook (measuring 20 cm by 28 cm), my piece of felt was 60 cm by 31 cm.
  2. Place your laptop onto the edge of felt piece and wrap the felt around it, mimicking how it will be when you’ve sewed it all together. Temporarily fix this in place with bulldog clips.
  3. Using tailor’s chalk, mark two lines onto the edge of the felt that forms the “flap” – i.e. the piece that will fold over the main pocket and clip in place. These marks will be where you position your buckles. It’s up to you where you position them, but I’d recommend you place them approximately 5 cm away from the centre of the felt.
  4. With the felt still temporarily held in place with the bulldog clips, you now need to use tailor’s chalk to make two more marks onto the main body of the cover. Make sure these two marks line up exactly with the lines you made on the flap, so that the buckle straps will align neatly when the laptop cover is closed.
  5. You can now take the bulldog clips off the felt and open it all up, putting your laptop to one side. You’ll be left with a the long rectangle of felt, complete with 4 small marks drawn onto it in tailors chalk.
  6. Time to make the buckle straps! I made mine half from felt offcuts and half from Harris tweed pieces. The felt straps were easy as felt doesn’t fray – all you need to do is cut the fabric to the same width as the buckle, thread it through and sew in place, then trim the length to however long you want the strap to be. However, to make the straps from Harris tweed (or any other material that frays), you’ll first need to fold the long edges of the fabric in on themselves and sew in place to form a hem. Then thread the strap through the buckle, sew in place, and cut to the desired length.
  7. With your straps now created, you need to sew them onto the main felt body of the Macbook cover. To do this, you just need to line up each piece of the straps with the corresponding line you made in tailor’s chalk, pin in place (or use bulldog clips again), then sew in. Repeat this for all 4 separate components of the two straps.
  8. With the straps of your DIY Macbook cover now in place, you just need to sew the whole thing together. Start by folding the whole piece of woollen felt around your laptop, as you did in step 2, and use bulldog clips to hold it in place. Then, you just need to sew down the two short edges of the main body section, to fix them together (just make sure you don’t sew over the flap!), removing the bulldog clips as you go.

DIY Macbook cover satchel inspired | Click for tutorial DIY Macbook cover satchel inspired | Click for tutorial

I think this DIY Macbook cover is up there as one of my all-time favourite projects! It combines so many of my favourite things: wool, tweed, grey and mustard (I’m literally obsessed with this colour scheme), machine sewing, a classic satchel design… I could go on, but I don’t want to bore you. 🙂 If you’re looking for a new laptop or tablet cover, you should definitely give this DIY a go! Happy crafting – Mike.

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This satchel inspired laptop cover is surprisingly easy to make! Click through for the full tutorial and more sewing projects to try.