DIY roll up travel toiletries bag DIY roll up travel toiletries bag DIY roll up travel toiletries bag
If you ask me, the best DIYs are those that are useful, fun to make and look awesome. If something ticks all three off this list, then it’s a winner in my book! This DIY travel toiletries bag is exactly that sort of project… Functional? Of course; I love traveling, so a compact toiletries bag is a must. Tick! Fun to make? Definitely; I really enjoy an afternoon behind my sewing machine. Tick! Looks awesome? Absolutely – you can make it in whatever fabric you fancy. Tick!

I’m working with the guys at Mankind to make this DIY travel toiletries bag. They sent me one of their limited edition Grooming Boxes last month (it’s now sold out, but they release more throughout the year – keep your eyes on their site for the next one). It was crammed full of more toiletries and cosmetics than you’d believe would fit into such a neat little parcel!

DIY roll up travel toiletries bagDIY roll up travel toiletries bagDIY roll up travel toiletries bag

DIY travel toiletries bag

What you’ll need

  • Two pieces of 60 cm x 60 cm decorative fabric (choose a durable cotton or cotton blend)
  • One piece of 60 cm x 60 cm lightweight felt
  • 2.5 metres of bias binding
  • A sewing machine and thread
  • Pins

What to do

  1. Cut your decorative fabric and felt to the sizes mentioned in the supplies list.
  2. Sandwich the felt in between the two pieces of decorative fabric (ensuring the fabric pieces both have the right side facing outwards) and pin in place.
  3. Sew all the way around the four edges of the three sandwiched fabric layers, removing the pins as you go.
  4. The edges that you’ve sewed together will still be quite frayed, so neaten them by applying bias binding.
  5. Fold one edge of the fabric piece approximately 10 cm over onto itself to form a pocket. Stitch this in place along the edges, then add additional lines of stitching to break it up into smaller pockets.
  6. Repeat the previous step on the other side, to form a secure upper pocket to tuck the top of your toiletries into. This will prevent them from slipping out.
  7. Finally, fill the pockets with toiletries and roll up the bag ready for your travels!

DIY roll up travel toiletries bag DIY roll up travel toiletries bag

This travel toiletries bag is totally suitable for hand washing (or machine washing on a delicate cycle), so if the WORST happens and you get a shampoo spillage, there’s nothing to worry about! You could also customise it with your favourite fabric, or change the size of the pockets to fit your own toiletries. It actually holds a surprising amount – I managed to fit the entire contents of Mankind’s Grooming Box into it at once. Plus – who says it has to be just for toiletries?! You could use it to store other bits and bobs, like medicines, craft supplies or even cables and chargers! Just adjust the size to fit whatever you need.

Thanks so much to the team at Mankind for hooking me up with their Grooming Box! Check out their site here to see the other toiletries they’ve got. Have a great week! – Mike.

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DIY roll up travel toiletries bag