Handmade leather and denim apron tutorialHandmade leather and denim apron tutorialHandmade leather and denim apron tutorialHandmade leather and denim apron tutorialI don’t really share many recipes on the blog – and when I do, it’s mostly snacks or desserts (see here and here, for example). But don’t be fooled; I love cooking! An afternoon spent in the kitchen preparing a hearty meal is an afternoon well spent, if you ask me. I figure that food forms such a huge part of everyone’s lives, you may as well throw yourself into it and enjoy it, right?

With this in mind, I thought I’d step up my apron game and make my own (might as well look the part!). I’ve gone a bit hipster and created a handmade denim apron with leather detail. I dug out some old denim I had from this project, sat down at my sewing machine and, an hour or so later, I had a brand spanking new apron to wear! You could easily swap out the demin with a printed cotton or canvas though, which would give your handmade apron a very different feel.

Handmade leather and denim apron tutorial

How to make a handmade leather and denim apron


What you’ll need

  • A large piece of lightweight denim
  • 4 small pieces of leather
  • 2-3 metres of rope
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread

What to do

Leather and denim apron 2

Leather and denim apron 2

  1. Cut out a large rectangle of denim to form the front of your apron. Try and make it approximately the same height as from your knee to your chin, and wide enough to wrap about three quarters around your waist. (For reference, I’m 6 foot slim build and mine measured 110 cm by 70 cm). Just remember to include extra width on all sides for seam allowance!
  2. Cut the top two corners off the rectangle, to form the apron shape.
  3. Hem all edges of the denim fabric, by folding each edge over on itself twice to hide the raw edge, then running a straight stitch along it to fix in place.
  4. Optional: Cut out another rectangle of denim fabric to make a pocket. It’s totally up to you how large you make this. Hem the edges in the same way you did for the main body, pin it onto the apron and sew the bottom and side edges in place, removing the pins as you go. You can also stitch a line directly down the middle of the pocket to split it into two (heck, you could split it into three or four if you fancy!).
  5. Cut out four identical rectangles of leather, measuring approximately 15 cm by 5 cm.
  6. Use bulldog clips to fix the leather rectangles to the corners of your apron. All of the leather pieces should be folded in half, then clipped to the two sides of the corners you cut off earlier. The rope will be threaded through these leather loops, so they need to be positioned roughly in front of your shoulders and under your armpits. If you’re unsure, have a look at my photos!
  7. Finally, sew on the four leather pieces to fix permanently in place, then thread the rope through the loops, tie around your waist and cut off any excess.

Handmade leather and denim apron tutorial

The quirky, hipster style of my handmade denim apron was inspired by an independent coffee shop I visited a few weeks back; all the staff were wearing these awesome denim aprons and had bushy beards groomed to perfection. They actually made aprons look cool. So, naturally, I took the DIY route to make my own! The best thing about this project is that you don’t need to be an expert sewer, all you need are some basic machine skills and a spare hour or two. Give it a go and try making a handmade denim apron of your own! – Mike.

Handmade leather and denim apron tutorial Handmade leather and denim apron tutorial Handmade leather and denim apron tutorial

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