DIY Dinosaur Planter: PlantosaurDIY Dinosaur Planter: PlantosaurWhen I was a child, I vividly remember having a fascination with dinosaurs – I was part of the generation who grew up with the Jurassic Park films, so this is probably nothing unusual! I remember being so obsessed, that my parents bought me a massive toy pterodactyl. It was my absolute prize possession; I took it everywhere. Unfortunately, adult life has now taken over and it’s deemed a little odd to fly around the house with a pretend dinosaur… but that definitely doesn’t mean I can’t incorporate dinosaur décor into my home in other ways!

These DIY dinosaur planters (also known as “Plantosaurs”; plant + dinosaur) are a great way to add some dino design into any space! I partnered with Debbie from Wonderful Wolf blog to share this 5-step tutorial for making your own Plantosaur …because who wouldn’t want a few of these sitting around their home?!

DIY Dinosaur Planter: Plantosaur

DIY Dinosaur Planters

What you’ll need

  • A hollow plastic dinosaur toy
  • An air plant (The one pictured is ‘Brachycaulos Multiflora’)
  • Spray paint
  • Craft knife (The sharper the better)
  • Power drill and drill Bit
  • Safety goggles
  • Dust mask

DIY Dinosaur Planter: Plantosaur DIY Dinosaur Planter: Plantosaur

What to do

Step 1: Plan your plant position

Decide where you would like the plant to sit on your dinosaur. Then visualise a square where the plant is to be and drill one hole in each ‘corner’. Make sure you drill right through the top of your dinosaur in to its hollow cavity, as this will make step 2 easier.

Step 2: Make the hole

Remember doing join-the-dot puzzles as a kid? Well it’s all been great practice for this next step. Take your craft knife and cut through the plastic from one hole to the next until all the holes have joined up. Once they have joined it should be easy to remove the middle section which is now the hole for your air plant. (Just be careful with that knife!)

Step 3: Tidy the edges

You will now have a really rough hole for your plant – but the key word is rough, it’s not too pretty. So using your craft knife tidy up the hole by cutting little bits off at a time until you have a more appealing and smooth shape, make sure it’s large enough for your plant too. (Top Tip: Take it slow, it’s all too easy for the craft knife to slip which you’d have to tidy further and before you know it you know have space for 5 air plants and only half a dinosaur left.)

Step 4: Paint your Plantosaur

Spray painting your DIY dinosaur planter needs to be done in two parts: the top of the dinosaur and then the bottom. Spray paint is nasty stuff so always make sure to do this outdoors, and wear safety goggles and a dust mask. It’s a little bit of trial and error as to what paints work unfortunately. I found ‘Montana Gold’ in Silver works fantastically as it dries quickly and remains shiny, but funnily enough ‘Montana Gold’ in gold doesn’t as it remains tacky and dull. ‘Plastikote, Fast Dry Project Enamel’ in antique gold works well, it dries slower that the ‘Montana Gold’ but has good coverage and a strong colour. I suggest buying a small tin just in case the colour you have chosen doesn’t take. Also, you wouldn’t believe how many unknown wrinkles a dinosaur has so after you think you’re finished spray painting, look again carefully as there is often a bit of touching up to be done.

Step 5: Assemble the dinosaur planter

This is when the magical transformation happens, once you put the plant in your dinosaur it is no longer just that – it is now a Plantosaur! Just remember these are not toys, they are now decorative items, ready to add some dino décor to your home!

DIY Dinosaur Planter: Plantosaur

If you’re unsure of the Dinosaur to Plant pairing, mix it about a bit first as a different plant can give it a whole different feel so just have fun with them! Have a look at the examples below, of how one dinosaur can look so different with a switch of plant. There are also loads of different dinosaurs out there, so why not hunt about and see what you can find. And who’s to say you have to stick with dinosaurs, any hollow animal will work!

DIY Dinosaur Planter: Plantosaur DIY Dinosaur Planter: Plantosaur DIY Dinosaur Planter: Plantosaur