Welcome to Man Crafts! Each month, I talk to a male maker or creative business owner to learn all about their craft. Why? Because I’m crazy passionate about two things…

  1. Shining a light on the male makers of the (typically female-biased) craft and DIY community.
  2. Supporting small and independent businesses, especially in the creative industries.

Are you a male maker, creator, DIY’er or crafter? Do you want to get your business in front of my audience? Awesome! Just drop me an email on mike[at]thecraftygentleman[dot]net with a quick overview of you and your craft, plus links to your website, blog or portfolio. Can’t wait to hear from you!

Meet the Man Crafts makers and read the interviews…

George Oliphant interview

Celebrity DIY expert, Emmy Award winner + NBC television presenter George Oliphant

Man Crafts: Robert Boyer ceramics

Robert D Boyer, maker of ceramics and intricate clay artwork

Rob Foster, The Old Tamarack handmade cosmetics

Rob Foster of The Old Tamarack, handmade cosmetics and colognes.

Michael from Craftive handmade leather jewelry

Michael Rinkovski from Craftive handmade leather jewelry

Man crafts: handmade boomerangs

Nemunas Pakalnis, maker of handmade boomerangs and owner of The Boomerang Shop