Thorntons Toffee Infused Vodka

Halloween might be over for another year (sad face), but bonfire night is just around the corner. :) I can almost taste the toffee apples, see the fireworks exploding and feel the heat of the bonfire!

I’ve been getting into the spirit a little early this year, by making some very autumnal toffee vodka. I made it with Thorntons’ famous Special Toffee, which is probably the best and most traditional toffee out there. It tastes amazing, so it’s no shock that mixing it with vodka creates an awesome base spirit for cocktail making! Perfect for any bonfire night firework displays or parties you might be going to. Here’s the recipe:

What you’ll need
Thorntons Special Toffee (one small handful per 40g vodka)
Air tight container
Filter paper or similar

What to do
Add the vodka and toffee to an air tight container, give it a good shake and leave in a cool, dark cupboard. Give it a shake every now and then, to help it dissolve. After a few days (no more than a week), give it one last shake. It should be a murky beige colour (looks awful but stay with me!). Pour it through filter paper – I used an empty tea bag, but coffee filters will work too. Bottle it up and serve with coke, neat over ice, in a hot drink, or in a bonfire night cocktail!

If you’re heading to a bonfire night party this year, a little bottle of this toffee vodka is a great token gift to take along for the host. It’s a quirky twist on a traditional bottle of booze – think of it as the adult version of a toffee apple! :) Enjoy!

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Written by Mike
Mike is the owner and founder of The Crafty Gentleman, a website aimed at encouraging men into the world of crafts. He loves nothing more than an afternoon spent crafting, with a cup of tea and some good tunes in the background.


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